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Last Updated: 19 Oct 2020 18:23 by ADMIN
Created on: 12 Oct 2020 15:28
Type: Feature Request
Make the accessToken expiration time configurable
Currently the accessToken expires in 30min and cannot be controlled. Please, make this expiration time configurable.
Posted on: 19 Oct 2020 18:23

Hi Harsha,

Configuring the expiration time of the token is something we could implement in the future.

I would like to ask you about the sliding expiration idea. What behavior is expected of this feature? Note that in some scenarios it is not recommended to use refresh tokens/sliding expiration due to security vulnerabilities.

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Posted on: 12 Oct 2020 17:43

In addition to configuring the value, I believe, it would be more beneficial is to extend the current token (something like a sliding expiration) rather than have a fixed value which is configured.