Last Updated: 14 Sep 2018 15:53 by Harsha
Created on: 26 Jun 2018 16:37
Type: Feature Request
Report Storage notification
Our report server database undergoes maintenance every weekend. As part of this, the report server DB is taken down without stopping the Telerik service. When the DB comes back online the reporting service doesn't recognize the re-instated DB and doesn't send out reports. 

Reply from Telerik Support:
My assumption is that the Report Server has hanged due to an error when the Storage was not available. The service has probably remained in this undefined state even after re-starting the database. Note that the Storage is a required resource, hence the service cannot work without it.
We have logged the current behavior of Report Server with respect to its Storage database for improvement in our system.

Feature request:
It would be nice to get an alert/email to the Report server admins that the Report Server DB/Storage is unavailable.