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Created on: 18 Aug 2017 15:31
Type: Feature Request
Ability to create Schedules using configs and Javascript or C#
Currently, in my company, we have more than 30 clients and each client has multiple locations and multiple departments.
* I have to create like more than 100 schedules now for all individual departments in each location and company. All this company data is in our DB including emails to be sent to etc. manually doing this is a nightmare. 
* And not to forget I have to manually update the email entry list whenever someone leaves the company or joins the client company.
* An idea is to create something like a schedules.config in json format and using JS or C#  create schedules in report server automatically. 
* Same is the case with Data Alerts. 
* This is a huge pain and kind of show stopper for us. 
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Posted on: 07 Dec 2017 12:54
Hi, One can utilize the APIs that the ReportServer exposes to create and manage any of the supported assets. Please give it a try: