Last Updated: 26 Oct 2017 07:08 by ADMIN
Created on: 05 Apr 2016 13:07
Type: Feature Request
Upload new version of report to overwrite the existing one
Our team is working with TelerikReporting with reports we write in Visual Studio rather than designing them directly in the tool.  This lets us do version control which is important to us.  

It's working well for us.  However, it would be much smoother a simple change:
- when you upload a report, you should have the option to overwrite the definition of an existing report.  Otherwise you have to:-
- delete the report you are updating
  - because there are schedules atached, you have to delete those as well
- recreate the report
- recreate the schedule

You can understand why this is time consuming. 
Ivan Hristov
Posted on: 26 Oct 2017 07:08
In 2017 R3 SP1 release we introduced uploading a new revision for a particular report using the Report Server Manager.
Posted on: 05 Apr 2016 16:07
We have moved your feature request to the Telerik Report Server feedback portal.