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Created on: 17 Sep 2015 17:31
Type: Feature Request
Use with ASPNET/MVC viewer controls
How can I use the Report Server with other Report viewers? (aspnet, mvc, winforms, and wpf viewers)

I found the Report Designer accessing hosted reports by a URL like "", but there is no way to pass the server auth parameters.

I tried to do it by code, but the UriReportSource only have the "Parameters" collection that reflect the report parameters, not the server.

Also, take in considration how to accept a server certificate if the report server is running over HTTPS.
Posted on: 22 Nov 2016 17:36
Integration with the HTML5 Viewer, WPF and WinForms ReportVIewer controls is available. to use the desktop viewers you will need Telerik Reporting:
1. HTML5 Viewer (suitable for WebForms, MVC and any web page) -
2. WinForms ReportViewer -
3. WPF ReportViewer -
Posted on: 12 Oct 2015 16:09
Parameters may contains senstive flag to filter the report. So, take in considration a way for passing parameters without using QueryString (POST vs GET verbs)