Jerel Byrd

Active Directory Integration via LDAP

Currently, the only way to integrate with Active Directory is to use Federation Services. We do not have a Federation Server nor do we require one. It would be great to add the LDAP information and be able to authenticate with AD.

While larger organizations use ADFS and its required for Azure, for small networks and organizations, ADFS is overkill for trying to achieve SSO.

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Robert Gorder

search within report datasource on the right hand side of viewer


I would like to be able to search within the report datasource on the right hand side of the viewer. I have a lot of fields to search.

Thank you.
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Shalabh Gupta

Search functionality

Thank you for adding this feature.
I have tested it with both text and numbers and it works very well.
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Shalabh Gupta

Email Report in Preview - Self populate 'From' email address

Could the 'From' email address in Preview Email functionality be self populated from the 'Mail Server' SMTP settings in configuration?

This way the users do not need to a) remember the email address; and b) type it each time they are emailing a report.
Feature Request by Shalabh Gupta Status: Approved Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-09-20T08:05:16 by Peter R
Shalabh Gupta

Email a Report in preview

Thank you for adding this feature.

I tested this feature and found that emails were not being delivered to email addresses in the 'CC' email address field.

Furthermore, would it be possible to look in to these options?
1. Add 'BCC' email address field option
2. Add multiple email addresses under 'MAIL SERVER' in Configuration - This will allow us to add SMTP email services for multiple companies / clients, which can then be utilised in the 'FROM' email field in the Preview Report Email feature.

It is great that Telerik takes on feedback and is continuously updating the software to provide an excellent service to its users.

Thank you.
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Belinda Stanley-Majors

Multiple attachments to same email

Our company needs an email to be sent with a PDF and excel sheet as an attachment. With existing feature we could set two emails to be sent. However we have 50 users and 50 reports to be configured. Now i need to set up 100 configurations to cater to both PDF and Excel.
Feature Request by Belinda Stanley-Majors Status: Completed Comments: 3 Last update: 2018-09-16T06:33:12 by Shalabh Gupta
Jerel Byrd

Customize External Template

It recently became apparent to us that there are multiple templates for sending email. There is the one that can be customized but it only get customized for internal users. There is also a separate template for external users and it cannot be customized and is common across all reports.

All templates need to be customization for each report. Since the Report Server is designed to send to anyone and the licenses are controlled by who can create reports, it makes the ability to send report to users extremely limited.
Idea by Jerel Byrd Status: Completed Comments: 8 Last update: 2018-09-16T06:26:09 by Shalabh Gupta
Harsha Mallapragada

Report Storage notification

Our report server database undergoes maintenance every weekend. As part of this, the report server DB is taken down without stopping the Telerik service. When the DB comes back online the reporting service doesn't recognize the re-instated DB and doesn't send out reports.

Reply from Telerik Support:
My assumption is that the Report Server has hanged due to an error when the Storage was not available. The service has probably remained in this undefined state even after re-starting the database. Note that the Storage is a required resource, hence the service cannot work without it.
We have logged the current behavior of Report Server with respect to its Storage database for improvement in our system.

Feature request:
It would be nice to get an alert/email to the Report server admins that the Report Server DB/Storage is unavailable.
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Thomas Eichinger


Currently the user interface of the Report Server Manager is english only. This is ok for demo purposes on our side, but in order to offer solutions based on Telerik Report Server to our clients, the complete user interface must support other languages (e.g. german, italian) as well, ideally allowing the user to switch between languages on the fly. Without internationalized Telerik Report Server will be of no user to us or our clients.
Feature Request by Thomas Eichinger Status: Completed Comments: 1 Last update: 2018-09-12T16:00:59 by Milen Elkin
Chris May

Data driven subscriptions with success/failure triggers

We are disappointed with the lack of SSRS improvements over the last 8 years. We use data driven reports extensively. For example, every day at 10am we run some report that emails everyone a list of items in their inbox from a custom application that routes them a task they need to act on.

The problem we experience is that there is no way to flag an item as "emailed" successfully. So we end up either writing our queries to only select the previous 24 hours worth of data, or we write the select of the data inside an SP that also updates the data to mark them as "emailed" even though if there is a problem rendering the report or a problem contacting the email server, the emails won't actually go out.

Basically if we could have a data driven subscription, and while the server is looping through the data, sending off emailed reports, we could get a hook to update status for the item that was just emailed, or just errored during report rendering.

Feature Request by Chris May Status: Completed Comments: 1 Last update: 2018-09-12T15:12:58 by Milen Elkin
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