Last Updated: 20 Jun 2024 09:41 by Martin Ivanov
Currently, if you have multiple tabs and the scrolling in the tabstirp area gets enabled, you can scroll using the mouse wheel. However, there is no behavior that handles the swipe gesture on touch devices (which is the alternative to the mouse wheel action). 
Add swipe scrolling support.
Last Updated: 20 Jun 2024 08:49 by Robby
Add support for digital signature in the XLSX format.
Last Updated: 20 Jun 2024 07:52 by ADMIN
The icon is not shown even if new Guid is used each time. 
Last Updated: 20 Jun 2024 05:04 by ADMIN

In the Swimlane diagram example (Data Visualization -> Diagrams -> Swimlane) the application crashes, showing at least one but often more than one error message.

How to reproduce:

  • Open the Swimlane example.
  • Click the area that is labelled as "Process name" (also marked in the attached screenshot)
  • One or multiple Message boxes containing the exception message
{DependencyProperty.UnsetValue} is not a valid value for the Property "Background"

pop up (see other screenshot)

Last Updated: 18 Jun 2024 14:34 by Martin Ivanov
Currently, when you click on a parent RadMenuItem in the Visual Studio designer, the popup with its child RadMenuItem is displayed. However, there is no way to hide the popup until the project is rebuild or the .xaml file is closed and opened again. This is troublesome because the popup is displayed on top of all Windows applications.
To resolve this, add code that handles the click outside of the menu (during the design-time) or add an option to avoid opening the popup at all.
Last Updated: 18 Jun 2024 11:10 by Martin Ivanov
The QueryableDataServiceCollectionView uses the Microsoft.OData.Client.DataServiceCollection internally, but intialized it with its default TrackingMode which is AutoChangeTracking. Add an option to allow setting the TrackingMode via the QueryableDataServiceCollectionView object and transfer this value to the DataServiceCollection. You can do that in the constructor of the QueryableDataServiceCollectionView. 
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 14 Jun 2024 10:06 by ADMIN
Creating a DocumentFragment from a document with hyperlinks removes the links. Consider exposing the Add method of DocumentFragment as well. 
In Development
Last Updated: 13 Jun 2024 04:41 by ADMIN

Please add an option to modify the corner radius for TrackBackground and UncheckedTrackBackground in the RadToggleSwitchButton template.

The radius of both rectangles is hard-coded to 9 (TrackBackground)  / 12 (UncheckedTrackbackground) (Why are they different btw?). While it is possible to set the TrackHeight and TrackWidth to custom values, this doesn't really work well for the Fluent theme right now due to the radii quickly becoming disproportionally large or small compared to the TrackHeight. This results in the control losing its shape and becoming more and more egg-shaped or rectangular, depending on whether you decrease or increase the TrackHeight.

Ideally, the Radii would be automatically computed, depending on the selected TrackHeight (Floor(TrackHeight/2) ?), however, a manual solution would also be a lot better than nothing. That way we could at lease define proportionally matching values via styles.

<Grid Grid.Column="1" SnapsToDevicePixels="True" Height="{TemplateBinding TrackHeight}">
                            <Rectangle x:Name="TrackBackground" RadiusX="12" RadiusY="12" Fill="{TemplateBinding Background}" Stroke="{TemplateBinding BorderBrush}" Opacity="0" StrokeThickness="{TemplateBinding BorderThickness}" />
                            <Rectangle x:Name="UncheckedTrackBackground" RadiusX="9" RadiusY="9" Fill="{StaticResource MainBrush}" Stroke="{StaticResource BasicBrush}" StrokeThickness="{TemplateBinding BorderThickness}" />
                            <Ellipse x:Name="PART_Thumb" Fill="{StaticResource MarkerInvertedBrush}" Width="{TemplateBinding ThumbWidth}" Height="{TemplateBinding ThumbHeight}"
                                     HorizontalAlignment="Left" RenderTransformOrigin="0.5,0.5" Margin="6 0">
                                    <TranslateTransform X="0" Y="0" />

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2024 08:08 by Viral
InvalidOperationException when importing an HTML in Parallel.Foreach
In Development
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 08:47 by ADMIN
The text drag is not working and the selection is cleared when clicking the second time.
In Development
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 08:35 by ADMIN

When the Expression_Dark theme is applied to the RadPropertyGrid, selecting an item is hard to read, as the item's foreground is white and the selection state is in a similar color.

To work this around, use the following Style:

<Style TargetType="telerik:PropertyGridField">
        <Trigger Property="IsSelected" Value="True">
            <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="Black"/>


Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 07:32 by Martin Ivanov
Raise the PropertyChanged event for the IsInToolWindow property of RadPaneGroup. Consider doing this also for the other elements that expose this property.
This is useful when you need to know when the group is moved in and out of ToolWindow. For example, when using triggers or data bindings to customize the behavior of the group.
In Development
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2024 07:29 by ADMIN
In a scenario where a modal RadWindow is closed and it is opened via a separate thread, the Host property of the WindowWithNoChromeWindowHost class in the BringIntoFront method may be null, which raises an NRE exception.
Last Updated: 10 Jun 2024 16:48 by Martin Ivanov
The MaskedInputExtensions.RestrictInvalidText should allow you to disable entering invalid values. However, if the value is empty and you start typing an invalid character, the text is updated disregarding the RestrictInvalidText setting.
Last Updated: 10 Jun 2024 10:47 by ADMIN

I need a behaior for RadPane like this:


When we have onl one RadPane, then show headr with a full RadPane group width (Which can be achived using PaneHeader)

In opposite - use regular tab style

Also if I undock RadPane to ToolWindow and I have only single item, I want to completely hide tabs/headers

All this should work for Top TabStripPlacement


Last Updated: 10 Jun 2024 08:39 by ADMIN

I'm using a "Custom Heat Map Source" as described here:

Upon initialization, I fill in the color of all the cells with a default color.
Later, as data comes in, I update the color of individual cells.

It seems that the only way to refresh the Definition so that it will display the newly set cell color is to do the following:

HeatMapDefinition.SelectedItems = new Collection<object>();

After that, the Definition updates itself by calling method "CustomHeatMapDefinition::GetColor()" on each and every cell (which of course gets delegated to the "CustomHeatMapSource" implementation.

This could lead to performance problems on large Heat-Maps.

So my request is that there is a feature allowing the updating of individual cell-data and a refresh mechanism that would not query each heat-map cell afterwards, but only the updated cells.

I have discussed this in a support request (https://www.telerik.com/account/support-tickets/view-ticket/1464531) with Dinko and he suggested I request this feature.


In Development
Last Updated: 07 Jun 2024 13:35 by ADMIN
Exception when changing a non-visible bound property.
Last Updated: 07 Jun 2024 12:51 by Martin Ivanov

The column group headers are not displayed when the DisplayIndex property of the GridViewColumn objects is set before the control is loaded.

To work this around, you can set the DisplayIndex of the columns after the RadGridView is loaded.

Last Updated: 07 Jun 2024 06:09 by Daniel
The table layout is slow with documents that contain large tables. This causes slow import and later slow performance with such documents.
Last Updated: 05 Jun 2024 10:03 by ADMIN
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Add the Filter Row filter mode functionality to VirtualGrid similar to the GridView.
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