Last Updated: 21 Sep 2023 15:07 by Martin Ivanov
This can be reproduced if you place a ComboBox in the RowDetailsTemplate which selection is bound to a property of the data row's model. Changing the selection in the ComboBox for one row and then expanding another row, will set the selection property of the previous row model to the value from the new model.
Last Updated: 13 Sep 2023 15:01 by Martin Ivanov

Remove the space reserved for the sort indicator in the column header, when CanUserSort is False and therefore the sort indicator is not displayed. The current behavior prevents the user to easily center the header text.

To work this around, you can edit the ControlTemplate of DataGridColumnHeader. In the template, you can update the Visibility of the TextBlock with x:Name set to "SortIndicator" when CanUserSort is False.

Last Updated: 12 Jun 2023 06:17 by ADMIN
Release 2.7.0
When the RadDataGrid is placed inside a Grid's RowDefinition with Auto Height, the row for the last item from the ItemsSource is not rendered. 
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Hi Support


I'm using RadDataGrid on several pages in my application. There a pages where the scrollbar does not appear. On some pages it works.

The structure of the pages is similar. What are your suggestions to look for.




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Release 2.6.0
DataGrid is populated with Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool and distinct filter 'Liverpool' is applied via UI.
Adding new Liverpool instances does not change the UI but it should - multiple Liverpool instances should be present in the rows.
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Release 2.3.0

The following exception is thrown when expanding row details with a height larger than the row height:

ArgumentOutOfRangeException: "Non-negative number required."

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2022 15:49 by Petr

The group header row overlaps the column headers when scrolling to a column that is out of view upon previously resizing the window and the GroupHeaderDisplayMode is Frozen.

Last Updated: 24 Oct 2022 15:20 by Petr
Expanding the row details when the rows have variable heights offsets the scrollbar and brings the expanded row out of view.
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Grouping on a touch device by dragging a group header to the group panel drop area results in the drag visual remaining at the drop location and no grouping being performed.
Last Updated: 31 May 2022 08:11 by ADMIN
Release 1.2.0
Keyboard navigation cannot be performed unless IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem is True.
Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022 13:14 by Martin Ivanov

If you have already selected item(s) and then click on a new one to select it without holding Shift or Ctrl, the previous selection is cleared. This action should raise SelectionChanged with items in the RemovedItems collection of the event arguments. You can see this behavior in the native ListBox control. Also, this is how the RadDataGrid control is behaving in Single SelectionMode.

However, currently, if the SelectionMode is set to Extended, the RemovedItems collection doesn't contain any items.



Last Updated: 08 Apr 2022 10:44 by Martin Ivanov

If you use the DataGridComboBoxColumn or the DataGridTemplateColumn with a ComboBox in its template, you cannot open the drop down of the ComboBox when you click onto it. This reproduces only if you try to click on the arrow icon that opens the drop down or somewhere in the control where no text is presented. If you have already selected item and some text is displayed, you can click onto the text in order to open the drop down.

This reproduces also if the ComboBox is defined in the RowDetailsTemplate of the DataGrid.

To workaround this, you can subscribe to the Tapped event of  ComboBox control and set the Handled property of the event arguments to True. If you use the DataGridComboBoxColumn, you can create a custom class that derives from it and override its CreateEditorContentVisual method. This will allow you to get the ComboBox and subscribe to its event.


public class CustomComboBoxColumn : DataGridComboBoxColumn
	public override FrameworkElement CreateEditorContentVisual()
		var comboBox = (ComboBox)base.CreateEditorContentVisual();
		comboBox.Unloaded += ComboBox_Unloaded;
		comboBox.Tapped += ComboBox_Tapped;
		return comboBox;

	private void ComboBox_Unloaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
		var comboBox = (ComboBox)sender;
		comboBox.Unloaded -= ComboBox_Unloaded;
		comboBox.Tapped -= ComboBox_Tapped;

	private void ComboBox_Tapped(object sender, Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Input.TappedRoutedEventArgs e)
		e.Handled = true;



Last Updated: 17 Feb 2022 15:58 by ADMIN
Release 1.1.0

The DataGrid ScrollBar is covered by the group header when grouping.

looking the attachment.