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Created on: 23 Jul 2022 18:32
Category: UI for WinUI
Type: Feature Request
Port UI controls in WPF in WinUI 3

I use a lot of very cool UI controls found in the Telerik UI UP control suite; our customers love these controls:

  • RichText for HTML 5 presentation of email messages
  • ScheduleView
  • Diagrams - we use drawings for BP, WF and Data flows
  • Docking - super popular
  • Syntax Editor
  • CardView
  • SpreedSheet
  • Expression Parser
  • Expression Editor
  • Layout control
  • Expander
  • Desktop Alert
  • Transition Control
  • TimeBar
  • Wizard
  • Window
  • SplashSceeen
  • Callout
  • Drag and Drop Interactions
  • Calendar
  • Persistence Framework
  • more..

You guys already know these capabilities don't exist as polished UI controls WinUI 3; we can't adapt and migrate to WinUI 3 / MAUI and lose these excellent presentation and interaction models. What other types of data and information would help your team to prioritize the development of these controls for WinUI 3. I know we can use some WinUI 3 UI control in our WPF apps, but going the other way is impossible.

Like many other technology companies out there in the wild, we aren't a UI Control development company as core skills focus on other technologies; however, we need the absolute very best 3rd part commercial grade and hi-fidelity UI controls to start with a base.  So for us, I'm not going to invest in a UI framework that turns the company into a Telerik - that's not what we do. Yes, we do develop custom controls, but it is the exception. 

Posted on: 28 Jul 2022 14:31

Hello again,

Here is the list of the separate feedback items:

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Posted on: 28 Jul 2022 07:24

Hi Tavi,

Thank you for contacting us and your interest in Telerik UI for WinUI.

We are working on bringing more and more components that available in WPF to WinUI. RadScheduleView and RadExpander are already there, and others will be there in the next releases. I will now decline this feature request and will open separate ones for each control - will follow up with the links here when done, so you can vote and track their statutes.

Meanwhile is there anything else you would like to see in Telerik UI for WinUI? Any additional functionality in the existing controls? Other missing controls? New different themes (if see can you share more details)? What kind of application you are building?

Thanks again for your feedback if you have any additional questions, let us know.

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    Posted on: 23 Jul 2022 18:44
    I'm referencing WPF UI controls