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Release 2.7.0
Created by: Rick
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Category: TimeBar
Type: Bug Report


  I am planning to build one of the pages of my software around the amazing Timebar control but I experience many issues.  With this code:

<Grid Height="200">
    <tcontrols:RadTimeBar x:Name="timeBar" Height="150">
            <tdataViz:YearInterval />
            <tdataViz:MonthInterval />
            <tdataViz:WeekInterval />
            <tdataViz:DayInterval />

            <tdataViz:RadLinearSparkline x:Name="timeSparkline"/>
Many issues happen:

1. The control crashes if the height is too small
2. The control crashes in Visual Studio hot Reload if one of the width or height is changed (so the value becomes 0 or small when the int number is deleted or changed)
3. The control crashes the software if my MainWindow automatically navigates to a page with the TimeBar control in it.  (Frame.Navigate(typeof(Views.PageWithTimeBar));).  The workaround was to add a 200ms delay in the page load...
4. The control crashes if there is no width, so it prevents me to make it full width of my grid which is what I need to keep my software dynamically responsive.  Hard coding a width in the control defeats the purpose of the Grid layout auto width capabilities and will be a problem with devices with different resolution.

The TimeBar is really an amazing and very original control.  I have bought Telerik in big part for it, I really hope that you will be able to address these issues quickly as my software launch date is approaching.  Thank you very much!