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Brian Norris
Created on: 25 Aug 2022 20:31
Type: Feature Request
I would like a Tailwind CSS theme
There is a LOT of momentum for Tailwind CSS, and for good reason, as it seems to be a great way to build. I know one of my main clients is looking to go to Tailwind on all upcoming projects. While I know we can use Tailwind alongside UI for Blazor and it's default theme, there will be challenges to marry the two together seamlessly and efficiently. I would LOVE a Telerik UI for Blazor Tailwind theme so that I can continue to use UI for Blazor moving forward.
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Ivan Zhekov
Posted on: 02 Sep 2022 06:18

Hi, Brian.

I've added an issue in our themes repo, because this question -- a tailwind theme -- should be handled visibly and be accessible to a broader audience of customers, not just our forums.

Here is the link to that issue / discussion:

Also, here is the content of the issue, just to be thorough:

A tailwind theme does sound appealing, but what constitutes a tailwind theme? That's harder than one might think and here is why:

Tailwind provides only class names for developers to mix and match. To that end and since tailwind is infinitely customizable every theme out there can be considered a tailwind theme.

But lets restrict just to a theme based on their site / tailwind ui and we can find even more questions:

  • both sites use a different primary color: tailwind css is based around `sky-500`, while tailwind ui is based around `indigo-600`.
  • both sites use a different border color: tailwind css relies on `slate-900` with opacity, while tailwind ui is based around `gray-300`.
  • tailwind ui shows a couple of different tabstrip implementations, while tailwind css uses only one. which should be the default implementation?
  • there also other components that show different implementation and it's hard or next to impossible to decide which should be the one to implement.
  • there are missing components: there is no treeview, for instance. We've had this issue back in the day, when we had a breadcrumb component before bootstrap did and in certain scenarios bootstrap broke our theme, because there is no ownership over sass variables.

That's not to say a tailwind theme -- theme based on either values form tailwind css or tailwind ui -- is impossible. It's just quite hard.

One last bit: a tailwind theme would be worthless if it cannot be customized by the tailwind configuration options.

It's best to continue the discussion over there, if you have a github profile. Of course, you can always reply in this thread.

Ivan Zhekov
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