Last Updated: 20 Jan 2020 14:34 by ADMIN
Created on: 17 Jul 2013 17:21
Type: Feature Request
Customize scrollbars with your themes
Especially with dark themes such as Metro Black, the traditional browser scrollbar does not really fit. I know scrollbar customization is not available in all browsers, but no fallback support is required (as the css is simply ignored by these browsers), and I believe it would greatly benefit users of the browsers that are supported.
Posted on: 30 Jul 2015 16:15
Mac OSX and Chrome use "hidding" scrollbars which makes our UI look really nice.  However, when a user uses FireFox or plugs in a mouse, or runs our UI on a Windows PC, the default, ugly browser scrollbars show up and they clash with our Kendo UI theme of Metro Black.

There are several 3rd party jquery themed scrollbars that we can attempt to replace on our Kendo UI Grids but it would be nice if this was available internally in Kendo.
Posted on: 17 Sep 2013 14:20
It will be a good one.