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Created on: 25 Jul 2012 20:36
Type: Feature Request
Have different icon sets (including Legacy) as options in themes
All of your templates use the exact same sprites.   Your themes just change the colors, which we can do from the themebuilder.   I think it would be more beneficial to have some different 'looks'.   For example, you have the 'Legacy' MVC themes available.  Not only do they use a different set of sprites, but they look different and there are like 13 of them.  

As Kendo UI is now, there are 5 themes and they are all pretty much the same, with different colors.

Please provide other options.  Please make the MVC 'Legacy' themes part of the standard Kendo themes.  Please provide different icon sets.

Maybe we could even pick a theme and pick an icon set or a look, etc.