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Created on: 01 Nov 2022 07:52
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export storybook
Is there any thought on reintroducing the possibility to export a storybook instance from themebuilder pro as there was in Unite UX. Would be very nice to have a place to explore the KendoUI components with our own theme!
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Posted on: 01 Nov 2022 09:03


This will be based on the community's interest in it.

The main issue with the Storybook documentation was that it was only available for React and in ThemeBuilder Pro we support more frameworks.

Also, in the ThemeBuilder we have a built-in Live Preview pane where everyone can see the live components directly with the changes without the need for a Storybook.

Additionally, our experience with the feature in Unite UX was, that customers found it interesting initially, but never actually use it after that and we want to focus on features and add value consistently.

We will monitor the interest in such feature and see how we can add more value with it even in a new form.

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