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Created on: 13 Mar 2019 12:51
Category: ThemeBuilder
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Sass Theme Builder - Material set custom colors


We want to create a custom Material theme for our ASP.NET Core web application. We are using the Sass Theme Builder but can only select predefined color swatches for the "Material" base theme. We would like to be able to set custom colors per "subject" just like you can with the "Default" and "Bootstrap" theme. 
Is this possible or are you blocking this on purpose for some reason?

Thank you in advance.

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Ivan Zhekov
Posted on: 15 Mar 2019 09:11

Per specification, Material themes are defined by two main colors (primary and secondary) picked from predefined palettes and a light / dark option. The rest is done pretty much automatically. Internally, each of the main colors is assigned a darker and lighter colors, as well as contrast color (usually for text). And there is the matter of the shades of gray used. All in all, there are about 20+ colors that need to be considered and some of those colors need to be related in pairs and triplets.

While in recent years the policy has been laxed, there are still some requirements that need be met. Namely, the said 20+ colors.

That's why we still show only two main colors and the dark / light theme option in the theme builder.

That being said, if you want to customize the theme locally from source, that possible, as long as you provide the 20+ colors, or at least some of them. Currently, we don't have a guide on that, but I've logged an issue in our themes repo -- https://github.com/telerik/kendo-themes/issues/661.

Ivan Zhekov
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