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Created by: Grant
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Type: Bug Report

Hi team, 

Im not sure if this is a bug or an incomplete feature, so please advise.

1) TabStrip / Window behavior in v4.8.0 with bootstrap theme 4.40.0, see
Please note the style and behaviour of the window, its above the modal and can be dragged anywhere on the screen, even though it was rendered from within the TabStripTab component

2) TabStrip / Window behavior in v4.9.0 with bootstrap theme 4.42.0, see
As you can immediately see in this example, the TabStripTab heading is also above the modal, an obvious bug
My concerns are around how the window can no longer be dragged outside the TabStripTab container. Is this by design, beacuse in my use case, my tabs are smaller than my windows.

Note: I have not tested the windows with any other components.

Please advise.

Many Thanks,

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I am using Filter component from kendo-react-data-tools and I need to parse oData filter string in URL to initialize the filter component. Is there a way to convert oData string to filter data that Filter component can use ? I am using toODataString to convert filter to oDataString and I am looking for the opposite way。




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It doesn't possible to set different "no events" text for the Agenda component, can we add the ability to set it by prop like in the example below?

<Agend noEventMessage="No meetings" />

<Agend noEventMessage="No vacations" />

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Currently when viewing the scheduler timeline view on tablet/mobile, in order to scroll the timeline back and forward you need to drag on an empty part of timeline. If the drag is started on an event then you are unable to scroll.

Would it be possible to make it so that if editing was disabled that dragging an event would scroll the timeline?

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Created by: Sunny
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Type: Feature Request
Form validation are happening on every field change. For some complex forms, validations will require a backend api to validate the date. Kendo form should allow an options to only validate before submit happens. 
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Created by: Pieter
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Type: Feature Request
Probably solvable with some custom styling, but it would be very handy to have a prop indicating where an icon should be rendered on a Button (start/end probably). Is something like this already requested somewhere (I couldn't find it)?
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Created by: Chunxing
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Type: Feature Request

Currently there is no Autoscroll feature for the when I want to drag and drop an item somewhere outside of the viewed area its klunky have to drop then scrool then drag and drop again etc.


Would really like to be able to autoscroll through the treelist

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Created by: Sebastian
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Type: Feature Request


the current filter is great but a little bit difficult to use. I would like to see an inline filter like the following screenshot:

It is used by many applications. Just to name a few


* Gitlab (where the screenshot is from)
* Contentful (CMS)
* Google Cloud Console

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Created by: Matthew
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Type: Feature Request


    I am creating a list of rows using the Sortable control. The issue that I am running into is when I grab an item and want to move it further down the list, then what shows on the page, the list will not scroll. Once I get to the bottom of the list I can not move the item further, without droping it and manually scrolling. Is there a way around this?


You can see what I am talking about by going to your sample (Under "Events" header):


Shrink the page to where items stack and the list goes off the page. Try to take the top item and place it on the bottom. What I would hope it would do is automatically scroll the page once you reach the bottom, but it doesn't.



    Matt Heuerman




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Created by: Pieter
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Type: Feature Request
I'm missing support for the "in" filter operator in the kendo-data-query package (, currently you have to create a big filter with something like (id eq 1 or id eq 2 or id eq 3), which causes issues (at least in .NET) with the maximum of allowed nodes (MaxNodeCount) in the filter statement.
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Narrator is being mute while navigating through the menu items present in combo box. Here keyboard focus and narrator focus are not in sync while navigating through them.


Narrator shouldn't be mute , keyboard focus and narrator focus should be in sync and narrator should announce the info about the menu items clearly

User Impact:

Users with visual impairment who rely on screen readers will face difficulties if narrator is not announcing any information about the menu items present in combo box while navigating through them.

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I know there you gave me an example of how to do this with custom code - is there a reason this can't be built in?   It's important and is a pain to custom implement when using custom editors for the cells




Under Review
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Looking at the deliver1.PNG, there is a grid with a 'MultiColumnComboBox' component inside one of the columns. When a name is removed from a role in one row (deliver2.PNG), then that row is deleted/removed, the row below it moves up but loses its name on the UI but the data is not effected (deliver3.PNG).

Can confirm all data is intact when passing information to the 'MultiColumnComboBox' component, it's just a UI bug which doesn't display the value that was selected in the unedited/deleted row. Can also confirm this bug exists in other grids with 'MultiColumnComboBox' components.

The code path is as follows in images code1.PNG, code2.PNG, and code3.PNG. It can be seen there is a UserComboBoxCell element which returns a component called 'EditableGridMultiColumnComboBoxCell'. It is this component that uses the the 'MultiColumnComboBox' component.

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Hi Team,

I would like to report the following Major bug for KendoReact v4.9.0:

1) Open the Datepicker Demo page
2) Open any of the datepickers and click the month name, as you will see a few months are hidden on the right had side.
  The same behaviour continues if you click the year or decade.

Thanks and kind regards,


PS. This feedback form only allows me to select a "KendoUI for jQuery" version number.

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  1. Create a DateTimePicker.
  2. Use its value prop to programmatically control the value the control uses.
  3. Add clickable Button (or other means) to programmatically set the value to an invalid date (i.e. something like new Date("invalid!").
  4. Click the Button.  The date displayed becomes "NaN/NaN/NaN 12:NaN PM".  I suppose this is reasonable.
  5. Now, click the calendar popup icon on the right-hand side of the component.


Displays a calendar popup, perhaps defaulting to the current date & time.


Throws an exception visible in the JavaScript console.  Replaces the UI with an error message.


import * as React from 'react';
import * as ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

import {
} from '@progress/kendo-react-dateinputs';
import { Button } from '@progress/kendo-react-buttons';

const App = () => {
  const [date, setDate] = React.useState(new Date());

  const handleChange = (event: DateTimePickerChangeEvent) => {

  const handleClick = () => {
    setDate(new Date('invaild!'));

  return (
      <div className="example-wrapper">
          (use Alt+<code>↓</code> to open the date-time selector, <code>←</code>{' '}
          and <code>→</code> to navigate, <code>↑</code> to increment and{' '}
          <code>↓</code> to decrement the value)
        <DateTimePicker onChange={handleChange} value={date} />
      <Button onClick={handleClick}>
        Click me, then the calendar, to break the DateTimePicker.

ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.querySelector('my-app'));
Important note: This POC code uses version 4.9.0 of kendo-react-buttons.  I do not know what that translates to in terms of the "version" dropdown.  I can't tell if "2021.1.119" is applicable here.
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Created by: SIGMA
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Type: Feature Request
Hello! Can you please add functionality to the choice of milliseconds in the DateTimePicker component?
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Created by: Vova
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Type: Feature Request
Hello, I need to set different styles for each agenda row based on row data. I see that I can define custom slot and task component but nothing about the row. 
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Created by: Leo
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Type: Feature Request
Hi Telerik,

Is there a component or property similar to "CheckBoxGroup" for Kendo React, to enable checkbox implementation like "Select all"?

Thank you and Regards,
Leo Emmanuel E. de Guzman
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toODataString throw exception on text filter changed from is null to contains. 

Repro step:

1. Choose filter by Name which is using text filter.

2. Change filter from Is null to contains.

3. toODataString threw exception.


Error in /turbo_modules/@progress/kendo-data-query@1.5.5/dist/cdn/main.js (1:7873)
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'replace')
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What we need is an ability to get all the field keys automatically from the form whether they're filled or not.

As a short example, if we have fields name, email and description on the form, when the user fills name and email, but leave description blank, the form doesn't send description key, only name and email keys.

But the API where we send the data expects all the keys be present. The values can be empty or null.

What Form sends: {name: "example name", email: "" }

What we would like to send: {name: "example name", email: "", description: can be null or empty string, but the key should be present}

It can be done via initialValues object, but it's quite troublesome when we have very long form with many fields.

Br, Miika
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