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When a user switches from navigating by mouse to navigating by keyboard, the focused element in the overview grid is not synchronized. Please follow the instructions below to reproduce the issue using this DOJO:

  • click e.g. on the first cell in the "id" column
  • using your arrow keys, move the keyboard focus to the last cell of the "id" column
  • click the checkbox in the first row (keyboard focus is now lost)
  • press the enter key (keyboard focus reappears in the last cell of the "id" column)

Wouldn't a user expect the cell he/she just clicked to be focused? The keyboard focus should be updated even when navigating by mouse.


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Prior to 2024.2.514 (2024 Q2), the DateRangePicker would "force users first to select start and then end range regardless of the date input selected" [1,2]. However, with the latest 2024 Q2 release, clicking the End input on the DateRangePicker selects the range end.

I did not see this specifically mentioned in the release notes, https://www.telerik.com/support/whats-new/kendo-ui/release-history/kendo-ui-for-jquery-2024-2-514-(2024-q2), so I am reporting this as a bug.

Here is a basic Dojo to demonstrate: https://dojo.telerik.com/IWAbUpuV. You can see the previous behavior by changing the library to the previous version (2024.1.319).


  1. https://feedback.telerik.com/kendo-jquery-ui/1449956-modifying-date-range-begin-end-values-exclusively-using-begin-end-inputs
  2. https://feedback.telerik.com/kendo-jquery-ui/1582861-daterangepicker-selection-process-confuses-users-should-be-able-to-select-dates-independantly-for-from-and-to-range
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After updating drawing a standard area chart with 10 data points takes 10-20x the amount of time, and renders the browser frozen for long periods.
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Created by: Bradley
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Hey all,

grid.exportSelectedToExcel(true) is working for continuous selection ranges, displaying the header column and then the selected entries in the excel file.

However, when the selection is not continuous (for example, maybe I have the first row selected and the third row selected, but not the second), for every row that is selected it adds a new column header row.

I've included some screenshots as an example:


EXPORTED USING grid.exportSelectedToExcel(true):

I have testesd this on multiple versions, including 2023.1.314 and 2022.2.621

I would appreciate any assistance with this.

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One of my schedulers has an optional title field. The title is computed in these cases based on other properties on the event. An example could be an event that contains a “category” of “Break” and an employee of “Bob”. The title if empty might return “Break for Bob”. When we edit this event and choose a new category, the save works, and the new event coming in with the SignalR update contains the new “title” property as needed. But the event does not update in the DOM. It looks to be skipped somehow. This required a bunch of JavaScript to fix. Need to enumerate all events coming in the SignalR post, then enumerate all DOM elements for events in that scheduler, and manually update the DOM text for the event
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When I navigate through the drop down on the left side to select a field to filter on, it will only grab the first 2 and the last option. When the element is opened it will properly go through all options. Reproducer: https://dojo.telerik.com/AruwArIP

I have made a recording of the bug here: https://imgur.com/a/kIgDa06