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I do teach web development/security on a regular basis and in my classes I use Fiddler classic, and that works great. (teaching developers at companies, not school/university)

But I wish there was a student/training edition of Fiddler Everywhere, that I as a teacher could install on my student machines and that does NOT require any signup/account creation. Perhaps limited to be used for a few days before nagging for signup?  

In my training typically provide a disposable virtual machine for my students and as a trainer, I do prioritize the ease of deployment/setup.

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I am trying to use Fiddler Everywhere for capturing my localhost aspnet core 3.1 mvc application. I am able to use it when not using VPN.

But there are some scenarios for which I need to debug with my VPN connection ON, but fiddler does not shows any traffic after I have connected to VPN.


I am using windows 10 built in VPN.


And also configured it in Bypass Fiddler section of Fiddler Everywhere as recommended in some KB blogs.


I feel that my bypass Fiddler string is not correct. However. I  have tried various combination and it does not works with any of the string

Tried all these but nothing worked.,


I tried to do 

ipconfig /all

but was not sure which section to check..  I am adding the info that I see related to the section with the name of my VPN,


the IP is pinging , but does not shows up.

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I am unable to capture any traffic when connected to my company's VPN (Pulse). With so many people working from home these days, Fiddler Everywhere is positively useless without the ability to use it with a VPN. A few details about my setup:

* I am working on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.7.

* Fiddler Everywhere captures traffic just fine when I am not connected to the VPN, but as soon as I turn it on, no new traffic shows up. When I disconnect the VPN, I immediately see it capturing regular traffic again.

* I cannot connect to my VPN while running Fiddler Everywhere. My VPN Client just spins until it times out when trying to connect with Fiddler running.

* I tried following the instructions for working with Cisco VPN (even though I am using a different VPN) here:, but it didn't work. I wasn't able to follow the instructions perfectly anyways, since I can't connect to my VPN while Fiddler is running. But I tried shutting down Fiddler after Step 4, and then restarting it after Step 5. It didn't work.

Please fix this problem! I really liked using Fiddler on Windows, and there really isn't another good comparable product out there for Macs that I have found!

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While navigating in recorded sessions, keyboard up/down buttons scrolls up and down. Expected user behavior is to navigate to previous and next the sessions.