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Created on: 11 Apr 2023 04:34
Type: Feature Request
Rules: Nested Conditions

Within Rules, we can choose between these below options:

  • all these conditions (AND)
    E.g. "c1" AND "c2" AND "c3"
  • any of these conditions (OR)
    E.g. "c1" OR "c2" OR "c3"
  • none of these conditions (NOT)
    E.g. NOT ("c1" OR "co2" OR "c3")
    NOT "c1") AND (NOT "c2") AND (NOT "c3")
    In some case, we may faced more complex condition like:     

  • "c1" AND ("c2" OR "c3")
  • "c1" OR ("c2" AND "c3")
    I know we can achieve this behavior by define multiple rules but it's 
    convenient to have a way to define those conditions in the same the rule builder cause our actions for those rules will be the same (avoid duplicate). So we don't have to update multiple rules when we want to update the actions by the way.


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Nick Iliev
Posted on: 11 Apr 2023 06:36

Hello Hieu Pham,


Thank you for the valued feedback and feature request suggestion! Indeed, at this moment, such complex conditions are possible only through using multiple rules or groups of rules. I am adding it as an unplanned FE for our regular feature training meeting so the team can discuss and decide if this feature should be implemented.


Nick Iliev
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