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Created on: 21 Nov 2022 14:59
Type: Feature Request
Throttle settings

Hi There,

We are planning to use Fiddle Everywhere for testing our application, and I downloaded it for test drive. It has lots of functionality, but I couldn't find the specific futures such as Throttle settings(Bandwidth(download and upload), latency, MTU, reliability, stability etc).  That is very important to us. So, we need it for our testings.


Any advice, please?


Thank you,



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Nick Iliev
Posted on: 22 Nov 2022 06:41

Hello Nur Karluk,



As of this moment, Fiddler Everywhere does not provide throttle-like settings. Still, this sounds like a great feature, so I am marking this thread as a Feature Request that the team will triage and discuss.

Meanwhile, you still have some options to simulate delays by creating a rule (via the Rules tab). The actionsfor creating a rule allows you to mock some of the listed behavior (like delays, graceful/non-graceful close, etc.)


Nick Iliev
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