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Created on: 09 Nov 2022 15:38
Type: Bug Report
Composer Body selection is not working

Hi, I have posted a question before the forum moved and did not get an answer to my latest question.

I have confirmed that unchecking selected parameters in the "headers" tab works correctly.

But I have problems with unchecking the "body" tab. 

I set my header's "Content-Type" to "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", 

I put a key / value parameter in the body, and I send a request.

After, I uncheck the parameter in the Body tab and I execute the request but still appears on the inspector.

The problem persists even after the recent update. 

Please check!


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Nick Iliev
Posted on: 10 Nov 2022 07:59

Hello 원준 최


Thank you for clarifying the issue for us! Indeed, the described behavior where the unchecked keys from the Body are still part of the request looks like a bug. 

The team will triage this issue and plan a fix for it for some of the upcoming releases. I will update this thread as soon as the issue is fixed. Meanwhile, as a temporary solution, continue to delete the unwanted key-value pairs explicitly to prevent them from reappearing in the request.


Nick Iliev
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