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Created on: 15 Apr 2021 22:00
Type: Bug Report
Live Traffic Capturing Toggling on Mac iOS bug

When I toggle the 'Live Traffic (Capturing)', mac prompts for a password. When this prompt is canceled by the user (no password entered) the toggle incorrectly toggles to off/on.


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Fiddler Everywhere open on a Mac

2. Toggle 'Live Traffic (Capturing)'

3. Select 'Cancel'

4. Notice Toggle changes state and the state of the Capturing does not change. 

Expected Result: The 'Live Traffic (Capturing)' toggle does not change state if the mac users permissions are not accepted. 


Observed Result: The 'Live Traffic (Capturing)' toggle changes state if the mac users permissions are not accepted. 

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Nick Iliev
Posted on: 16 Apr 2021 07:53

Hello Ashley Bunch,


I can confirm that the Live Traffic switch will toggle even if you explicitly cancel the credentials prompt. This is indeed a legit bug, so thanks for reporting this one! The team has logged the issue and will introduce a fix in one of the upcoming new releases.

Note that, at this moment, administrative rights are required so that Fiddler Everywhere could set and unset the system proxy. Without administrative rights, you won't be able to capture any traffic with Fiddler Everywhere. Administrative rights are also required to install the Fiddler Everywhere root trust certificate which will enable you to capture secure traffic.


Nick Iliev
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