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Last Updated: 08 Dec 2020 15:02 by ADMIN
Created on: 15 Jul 2020 18:36
Type: Bug Report
Telerik login gives "user does not exist" on Fiddler Everywhere

Not sure if this is a bug, but every other telerik product including previous fiddler worked with my telerik login.


I'm not behind a VPN. 

  1. I just downloaded Fiddler Everywhere,
  2. ran it,
  3. tried to sign in and it gives "user does not exist".

This is using the same credentials I used to login to Telerik to write this ticket.

I couldn't find any documentation saying I need a separate account.

Feel free to close or push to Feature Request if this is intended behavior.

Nick Iliev
Posted on: 08 Dec 2020 15:02

Hello Robert,


The reason for Fiddler Everywhere to appear was the need from multiple users to have better collaboration options, including sharing snapshots of captured traffic, transferring Composer collections, sharing Auto Responder rules, all that across different operating systems. 

One of the primary purposes of Fiddler Everywhere is to provide those collaboration functionalities, and for that to happen, a login is needed (to prevent spam, to have reasonable quotas, to be able to send snapshots to your teams with a known and trusted identity). The collaboration functionalities across different accounts with different plans are also better handled with a login system.

As a side note, the team is currently researching the option to provide an anonymous login option (but with fewer collaboration options) for Fiddler Everywhere, so stay tuned for more updates in the next releases.


Nick Iliev
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Posted on: 08 Dec 2020 14:29
I just ran into this too - my Telerik account does not work. It's an easy fix, "Control Panel" "Add / Remove Programs", select & uninstall Fiddler Everywhere. I went back to Fiddler Classic. Why is Fiddler Everywhere requiring login to run? You do not explain purpose and seeing as Fiddler Classic runs just fine without it there is obviously no real reason to need any login / authentication to function as a web proxy.
Nick Iliev
Posted on: 02 Sep 2020 10:47

Hello Sunbreak Wang,


With Fiddler Everywhere, you could use Google authentication to create a unique Fiddler account and use it with your existing Google account. Alternatively, you could use the Fiddler Everywhere credentials which will be unique and won't be associated with other services (including Progress login).


Nick Iliev
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Posted on: 02 Sep 2020 05:13
It's hard to keep up with a those accounts. Could we expect one account for all?
Nick Iliev
Posted on: 17 Jul 2020 06:16

Hi Duncan,


Fiddler Everywhere will use its own authentication system and will require a new username/password (or to use a Google Auth). The existing Telerik login credentials can't be used for login into Fiddler Everywhere. Thank you for pointing out that this is missing from the documentation - I will add it to the requirements page shortly.


Nick Iliev
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