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Created on: 31 May 2020 12:14
Type: Feature Request
Guides are lacking

Hey folks. There is a serious lack of guides/tutorials on using fiddler.  

So to set things up you have to use 5 year old stack posts, and if you're lucky things will work.  


This has been my biggest issue when it comes to incorporating Fiddler into my workflow. 


Right now I'm struggling with setting up a Root CA on Ubuntu (cos the cert is weird).


So yeah. Tl:dr Fiddler Everywhere needs guides and tutorials that are easy to follow and available for multiple OS's

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Nick Iliev
Posted on: 01 Jun 2020 07:40

Hi Igors Kvasha,


Thank you for your feedback and for using Fiddler Everywhere!

Indeed at this very moment, the Fiddler Everywhere documentation and articles are small in content and require improvement and additional content. The good news is that Fiddler Everywhere is just about to release a brand new version with a significantly improved flow for adding the root trust certificate (for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS). We are also working actively on improving the documentation and adding new content. You could expect the latest version to be officially released and available this month (probably within several days), and part of the new documentation is already live here.


Nick Iliev
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