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Created on: 26 May 2020 17:22
Type: Feature Request
Capture Filter Right Click Add
It would be nice if I could right click on a header from a capture and quick add to the capture filter instead of coping and pasting.
Nick Iliev
Posted on: 13 Dec 2022 07:27

Hello S,

Fiddler Everywhere is a different application from Fiddler Classic. While we are incorporating many of the features available in Fiddler Classic, we are not aiming for 100% feature parity. Instead, we are developing a new application with a more intuitive UI that aims to solve some of the complexity and outdated UI of Fiddler Classic. All feedback is greatly appreciated, and we will triage all feature requests from the community.

The above said, Fiddler Everywhere has advanced filters (through the Filters option) that provide auto-completion that will spare you the need to copy-paste specific header values. For example, you can start typing the name of your header (or any contextual part of its name), and you will receive suggestions (based on know headers and captured ones).

Nick Iliev
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Posted on: 11 Dec 2022 20:08

With utmost respect, I just tried Fiddler Everywhere and I am dumbfounded this ability wasn't (and still isn't) natively incorporated. What possible reasoning is there for this, especially given it was doable in Fiddler Classic?

Context filtering is such a simple, easily implementable function, one which doesn't add visual clutter/fluff, and which saves inordinate amounts of time when cutting back captures.

So shocked am I at the prospect that this wouldn't be incorporated that I've been left- and right-clicking every nook, corner, button, and icon possible, thinking surely it must be tucked away somewhere.

If I'm not merely blind as a bat and overlooking it, as a suggestion, Sysinternals' Process Monitor takes this ability even further by, depending where you right-click along a row, popping a dynamic sub-context filtering menu, providing options to quick-add filters for that particular cell's data, and/or optionally open the full filter dialog pre-filled with this cell's data-filter, allowing you to further tweak before adding.

But at the very least, however, the basic ability to filter by context menu -- without one having to manually transcribe input by rote keyboard -- is definitely one that should be native to Fiddler, ...at least until a "Fiddler-Vim" ever gets released.

Nick Iliev
Posted on: 01 Jun 2020 06:31

Hello Jonathan,


Thank you for testing Fiddler Everywhere and for your feedback!

I am marking this one as a feature request to be planned - keep track of this thread for more related information.


Nick Iliev
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