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Release 2020.R2
Created by: Greg
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Category: FileManager
Type: Bug Report

In the file manager after we move a *directory* with the Tree view (NOT list view), we are getting a javascript error:

kendo.all.min.js:114 Uncaught TypeError: e.closest is not a function
    at init._restoreFocus (kendo.all.js:166158)
    at r.proxy (jquery-3.3.1.js:10268)
    at r.trigger (kendo.all.js:164)
    at r._closeAnimationEnd (kendo.all.js:60234)
    at Object.proxy [as completeCallback] (jquery-3.3.1.js:10268)
    at init.complete (kendo.all.js:10997)
    at Object.S.promise (kendo.all.js:11021)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (kendo.all.js:1912)
    at Function.dequeue (jquery-3.3.1.js:4376)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (jquery-3.3.1.js:4418)


This seems to be in kendo.all.js  and I believe it is being called after the modal closes


which I thinki s being called from this:

 _prompt: function (options) {
                var that = this, messages = this.options.messages.dialogs[options.type + 'Prompt'];
                var prompt = $('<div></div>').kendoPrompt(extend({}, {
                    title: messages.title,
                    content: messages.content,
                    messages: messages,
                    value: options.defaultInput
                }, this.options.dialogs[options.type + 'Prompt'])).data('kendoPrompt');
                prompt.bind(OPEN, proxy(that._cacheFocus, that));
                prompt.bind(CLOSE, proxy(that._restoreFocus, that,;
                return prompt.result;




I think it's trying to locate the target of the directory that was moved - which is no longer there - and set focus to it.

I was trying to bind to the CLOSE event of the move dialog and set it to null to avoid the _restoreFocus call?

Not sure if that's even a good approach to take.

What are your thoughts?  Thank you.