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Created by: Thomas
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Type: Bug Report
The Tooltip property of the SearchBoxButton in the Buttons collection of the RadSearchBox is not rendered on the button element client-side.
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A workaround is to disable the embedded jQuery and use an older version (for example, 1.11.1 which is the previous version the suite used):

Repro steps:

- Put a searchbox on the page with some data source
- Hook its postback handler, OnSearch
- search something in it, select the item to postback

expected: search fired

actual: JS error in FF

        <telerik:RadSearchBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadSearchBox1"

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        RadSearchBox1.DataSource = GetData();
    protected DataTable GetData()
        DataTable tbl = new DataTable();
        tbl.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("id", typeof(decimal)));
        tbl.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Name", typeof(string)));
        tbl.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Reason", typeof(string)));
        tbl.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("someField", typeof(decimal)));
        tbl.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("anotherField", typeof(string)));
        tbl.Rows.Add(new object[] { 1, "one", "fi\\nrst", 2, "5" });
        tbl.Rows.Add(new object[] { 2, "two", @"se\ncond", 3, null/*SIMULATE EMPTY VALUE*/ });
        tbl.Rows.Add(new object[] { 3, "three", "third", 4, "5" });
        tbl.Rows.Add(new object[] { 4, "four", "fourth", 5, "5" });

        return tbl;

    protected void RadSearchBox1_Search(object sender, SearchBoxEventArgs e)
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RadSearchBox.Focus() doesn't work in Internet Explorer. It works correctly in different browsers (Firefox, Chrome). Attached project shows the problem. 
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Created by: Fabrice
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Category: SearchBox
Type: Bug Report
There's a problem with radSearchbox inserted in a radWindow contenttemplate.
On First show  then inputText width is equal to 0 until a contextitem is selected or a button pushed . (test on ie10 firefox and chrome)

code example :

  <telerik:RadWindow runat="server" ID="RadWindow1" Modal="true"     AutoSize="true"
         <telerik:RadSearchBox ID="RadSearchBox1" runat="server" Width="350" SearchContext-ShowDefaultItem="False"
                        OnClientSearch="onClientSearch" OnClientButtonCommand="onClientButtonCommand"
                        ShowSearchButton="false" Skin="Default">
                        <DropDownSettings Height="150" Width="300" />
                        <Localization LoadingItemsMessage="recherche en cours....." DefaultItemText="Saisissez le nom du point ici" />
                        <WebServiceSettings Path="PointDeTournee.aspx" Method="GetResults" />
                                <telerik:SearchContextItem Text="POI" Key="1" ImageUrl="../Img/POI/Special_Divers-Bl.bmp"  Selected="true"/>
                                <telerik:SearchContextItem Text="PA" Key="2" ImageUrl="../Img/POI/PA.bmp" />