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Last Updated: 16 May 2022 09:45 by ADMIN

Showing a document that contains a Table object without any TableRow inside leads to NullReferenceException.

Workaround: After importing the document, remove the tables that don't have content:

foreach (var table in document.EnumerateChildrenOfType<Table>())
    if (table.Rows.Count < 1)

Last Updated: 13 May 2022 13:09 by ADMIN
RichTextBox: Exporting hyperlinks that include symbols such as a Section sign (§) to a PDF file breaks the link
Last Updated: 10 May 2022 16:02 by Fabrizio

To reproduce:

  1. Insert content spanning 3 pages
  2. Ensure a single page is visualized in the viewport 
  3. Start selecting from the beginning of the content till the end by dragging the mouse
  4. Press Delete

The issue is a regression introduced in R3 2021 SP1.

Last Updated: 04 May 2022 12:20 by ADMIN
Font changing to "Symbol" in bulleted list when exporting and importing HTML
Last Updated: 02 May 2022 06:26 by Bohus
RichTextBox: Doesn't display a portion of the text when the FlowMode is set to Flow
Last Updated: 25 Apr 2022 11:52 by ADMIN
IME: Cannot type in RadRichTextBox using Microsoft Pinyin Input Method (Chinese)
Last Updated: 18 Apr 2022 08:25 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.1.418 (18 Apr 2022)
The exception is thrown with a message "Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'RepeatButtonLineUpTemplate'" and it is caused by a duplicate style definition. 
Last Updated: 08 Apr 2022 07:32 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.1.411 (11 Apr 2022)
In word, the focus is transferred to the Find and Replace dialog immediately after opening it.

In the RichTextBox control the focus is not set to the dialog when open. Selecting a word does properly add it to the dialog.
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2022 15:30 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.1.411 (11 Apr 2022)
 The layout hangs when importing HTML with nested tables and setting the padding of all cells
Last Updated: 06 Apr 2022 12:25 by Max
RichTextBox: HtmlFormatProvider: ListItems styles are changed in RichTextBox when Exported to HTML
Last Updated: 05 Apr 2022 12:21 by ADMIN
Tables are exported with the wrong cell height to HTML.
Last Updated: 05 Apr 2022 08:30 by ADMIN
Initial content in content controls is recognized as a placeholder. This is easily visible in the Date Picker content control and results in the whole text being selected when the user clicks over the date value.
Last Updated: 04 Apr 2022 14:03 by Kamran
When exporting to HTML of a DOCX file, containing table cells, which span multiple GridColumn wide, their width is incorrectly calculated. This can lead to columns being smaller or larger than their original width and possibly being cut off from the page.
Last Updated: 28 Mar 2022 10:13 by min
Created by: min
Comments: 0
Category: RichTextBox
Type: Bug Report
Typing in Korean repeats symbols at the end. This breaks the input and the user is unable to enter the text desired.
Last Updated: 22 Mar 2022 08:00 by Oliver
Italic font style and bold font weight are not rendered correctly with a specific font. Currently, this is reproducible with the "zurich-ltcn-bt-light" font.
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2022 14:38 by ADMIN
Created by: ①Dr Mostafa
Comments: 2
Category: RichTextBox
Type: Bug Report
Memory leak when editing RadRichTextBox that has a header and/or footer containing table that contains FloatingImageBlock and/or ImageInline
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2022 08:38 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.2.831 (31/08/2020)
The parent of an already removed span cannot be found and a NullReferenceException is thrown while performing Undo. Also, multiple asserts are failing in Debug mode. The stack trace is:

UnhandledException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
UnhandledException:   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutElement.SetParent(LayoutElement newParent)
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutBox.EnsureParent()
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutBox.get_Parent()
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutBox.get_ValidParent()
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.WordPositionHandler.GetParentHandler()
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.DocumentPosition.GetCurrentSectionBox()
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.UI.DocumentPrintLayoutPresenter.GetCurrentPage()
   at Telerik.Windows.Documents.UI.DocumentPrintLayoutPresenter.MeasureOverride(Size availableSize)
   at System.Windows.FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size availableSize)
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2022 08:26 by Christian

Working with PasteOptionsPopup may cause an exception in LayoutElement.SetParent. Very difficult to reproduce, having no consistent steps. Maybe it is related to undo of paste command, but there are no other clues aside from this.

   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutElement.SetParent(LayoutElement newParent)
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutBox.EnsureParent()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutBox.get_Parent()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.FormattingSymbolLayoutBox.get_IsEndOfCell()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.FormattingSymbolLayoutBox.GetFormattingSymbolVisual()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.FormattingSymbolLayoutBox.get_Text()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.SpanBoxPositionHandler.get_Location()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.UI.DocumentWebLayoutPresenter.GetViewPointFromDocumentPosition(DocumentPosition position)
   bei Telerik.Windows.Controls.RichTextBoxUI.PasteOptionsPopup.CalculateLocation()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Controls.RichTextBoxUI.PasteOptionsPopup.OnOwnerLayoutUpdated(Object sender, EventArgs e)
   bei System.Windows.ContextLayoutManager.fireLayoutUpdateEvent()
   bei System.Windows.ContextLayoutManager.UpdateLayout()
   bei System.Windows.UIElement.UpdateLayout()
Last Updated: 15 Mar 2022 10:26 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.1.321 (21 Mar 2021)
Converting DOCX with EMF images to HTML and importing the resultant HTML leads to missing images.
Last Updated: 21 Feb 2022 14:46 by ADMIN
Release R1 2022 SP1
Validation visualization resets to show that contents are valid when a new validation error is added to an already failing state.
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