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Created by: Günter
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Feature Request
Implement functionality for visualization of comment annotations.
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We are using RadRichText box along with HtmlDataProvider to create new para in specific notes- comments. As our application heavily relay on adding comments in html format when adding/ forwarding application to another user.

As a main control RadRichText box is working fine and dev team is recommending to use it in Production. But issue happens when we are rendering all comments as list associated to one application. Currently we have some application having more than 200 comments.

We used RadRichtext box to render HTML as readonly. but I impacted performance. Page take enough time to load contents. 

Currently we replaced RadRichText box with HtmlRenderer.WPF (HtmlPanel) control, which is much efficient compare to Telerik control. However HtmlPanel has its own limitation.

I wish if Telerik has such lightweight control to render HTML content in more efficient way, which does not effect application performance.

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Created by: Mauro
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It would be very useful for us if the RadWebCam control (WPF or WinForm) could support ONVIF Profile S


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Created by: Sam
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Please add support for cell content rotation.


I know that this is listed in the known unsupported features article, but just to be extra clear about what I am requesting, here's an example from Microsoft Excel

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Like RanTabControl

Need this for an application with lots of tabs wich would not fit in the top or bottom template.

Maybe it works with a customizable TabStripTemplate where i can implement e.g. a GridView or something

Like this with a scrollbar (used TabControl PRISM example for this)