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Nested properties are not loaded when the ComponenetType does not match the DeclarationType. The same setup is correctly presented when using the UI for WinForms' PropertyGrid.
Last Updated: 18 Mar 2019 06:43 by ADMIN
Created by: Martin Ivanov
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Category: Window
Type: Feature Request
This behavior is presented with the ShowDialog() method of the WPF native Window control. Basically, the ShowDialog() method could return a value (true, false, null). Currently, the method is "void".
Last Updated: 14 Mar 2019 12:05 by ADMIN
When all columns are readonly, the NewRowPosition is Bottom, a new row is added through the UI and the Tab key is pressed, an InvalidOperationException is thrown.

As a workaround, you can call the CommitEdit method inside a Dispatcher with a low priority in the AddingNewDataItem event:
private void Grid_AddingNewDataItem(object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.GridView.GridViewAddingNewEventArgs e)
            Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() =>
            }), DispatcherPriority.ApplicationIdle);
Last Updated: 13 Mar 2019 13:40 by ADMIN
When RadRichTextBox.IsReasdOnly is true, RadRichTextBox.CommandExecuting is not raised when the user double clicks the header or footer area.
Last Updated: 13 Mar 2019 12:12 by ADMIN

If you have a data validation, and there is an invalid field with the red border around it, if you hide this field via the filtering feature or the collapsing its group, the validation red border (and the tooltip) disappears.

To resolve this, you will need to update the ErrorTemplate of the input field (the TextBox). You can do this in the FieldLoaded event handler.

private void RadPropertyGrid_FieldLoaded(object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.PropertyGrid.FieldEventArgs e)
    if (e.Field.Content is TextBox)
        var editor = (TextBox)e.Field.Content;
        var bindingExpression = BindingOperations.GetBindingExpression(editor, TextBox.TextProperty);
        if (bindingExpression.ValidationError != null)
            var errorTemplate = Validation.GetErrorTemplate(editor);
            Validation.SetErrorTemplate(editor, null);
            Validation.SetErrorTemplate(editor, errorTemplate);

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2019 08:39 by ADMIN
Loading a document that contains big images could lead to OutOfMemory exception.
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 07:34 by ADMIN
This behavior differs from the standard MS FileDialogs, where the expand arrow is not visible for such folders. 
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 06:46 by ADMIN
Two tabs are required to navigate between property fields in the following themes:
- Office2013
- VisualStudio2013
- Green
- Office2016(Touch)
- Material
- Fluent
- Crystal
Last Updated: 07 Mar 2019 09:41 by ADMIN
When loading documents with CFF (Compact Font Format) font source containing .notdef glyph, System.ArgumentException: 'An item with the same key has already been added.', is thrown.
Last Updated: 06 Mar 2019 07:22 by ADMIN
Customers are reporting an issue when trying to copy content in an application hosted on a remote machine (there are reports using TigerVNC and Citrix).  The exception is thrown from the Clipboard class with a message: OpenClipboard failed (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800401D0 (CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN))

It seems like such a behavior could be reproduced when the clipboard is already opened by another application. Here is a discussion on the matter:
Last Updated: 06 Mar 2019 06:46 by ADMIN
This exception is thrown because there is field name with special characters which are incorrectly modified during the recalculation process of widget appearances. This exception is thrown in the internal RecalculateMissingAppearances method or in RecalculateWidgetAppearancesOld method.
Last Updated: 05 Mar 2019 11:09 by ADMIN
The Command is not respected when clicking over the Hyperlink
Last Updated: 01 Mar 2019 09:10 by ADMIN
Created by: Pierre-Yann
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Category: UI for WPF
Type: Bug Report
When importing documents with destinations defined with zero-based page index, an invalid page is displayed when the destination is activated.

Last Updated: 25 Feb 2019 09:38 by ADMIN
Setting GridViewCell content template by Style is not working with R1 2019. 
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019 20:30 by ADMIN
Setting the Expanded property of the GroupsExpandBehavior assigned to the RowGroupsExpandBehavior property of RadPivotGrid to True, and the RowSubTotalsPosition to None, leads to an error. 

To work this around set the RowSubTotalsPosition to Top. 

Or set the IsExpanded property of the corresponding PivotGroupHeader controls manually.

public MainWindow()

// the Opacity is used to avoid the flicker that appears because the groups are rendered just before the collapse logic kicks-in.
this.pivotGrid.Opacity = 0;
this.pivotGrid.Loaded += PivotGrid_Loaded;            

private void PivotGrid_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() => { 
var headers = this.pivotGrid.ChildrenOfType<PivotGroupHeader>();
foreach (var header in headers)
header.IsExpanded = false;
this.pivotGrid.Opacity = 1;
}), (DispatcherPriority)3);
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019 09:15 by ADMIN

To reproduce this behavior you need the following settings.

- Set the display language of your Windows to Italian.
- Use a RadOpenFileDialog.
- Set its Filter. For example, you can filter to show only Excel files.
- Change the layout type to Details.

In this case the folders in the opened direction disappears.

Last Updated: 21 Feb 2019 11:20 by ADMIN

When you change series datapoints and then play ChartRevealAnimation the following InvalidOperationException might occur:

 Cannot call the ClockController.SkipToFill method for a Clock that has a Duration or RepeatDuration of Forever, because this Clock will never reach its fill period.
You can try calling PlayAnimation in Dispatcher:

  Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(() =>

Last Updated: 19 Feb 2019 13:40 by ADMIN
When using the Fluent theme and the NoXaml binaries the above mentioned design time exception is thrown.
Last Updated: 18 Feb 2019 11:12 by ADMIN
This behavior is reproducible when the SelectionUnit property of the RadGridView is set to "FullRow".
SelectedCells collection is not of the selected row updated when new columns are added runtime. For example, you have selected the first row which has 3 cells. Then you add 2 new columns. Now the row has 5 cells but the selected cells collection still have 3.

A possible workaround which can be used is to reset the SelectedItem property of the RadGridView.

var selectedItem = testGrid.SelectedItem;
testGrid.SelectedItem = null;
this.testGrid.Columns.Add(new GridViewDataColumn() { Header = "Value3", DataMemberBinding = new Binding("Value3"), Width = 100 });
this.testGrid.Columns.Add(CreateColumn("Value4", "Value4"));
testGrid.SelectedItem = selectedItem;
Last Updated: 16 Feb 2019 10:24 by ADMIN
If you set the SelectionMode of the control to Multiple the SelectionChanged event fires only when you select item for the first item. Each next selection won't fire the event.

To work this around use to CollectionChanged event of the SelectedItems collection of RadMultiColumnComboBox.
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