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Navigate to the application under test and click a link that opens in a new tab. Then, click within the new tab to redirect it to a new URL and close the tab. 

The result is that the Close pop-up window step is successful, but the tab is not closed. This results in issues with the following steps in the test scenario.

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Nested data driven tests generates quite large results, even when there is no data in the bound data table (built-in or external). The result is almost twice the size of the same tests, if these are not using the data tables. The tests may be using InheritParentDataSource, but the behavior is similar if these are not using it as well. 

For real user scenarios, the large results may exceed the limitation of the file size (16MB), which can be transferred through the storage service. 

Investigate if it is possible to optimize the data driven test results, at least for the case, when the data source is empty.

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The TextFromImage verification step extracts the wrong text in some scenarios.

One example is that the number "8" can be recognized as "3", when it is at the beginning of the element (text). Other times, the word "learn" is not extracted correctly from a sentence. 


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When you edit the "Wait for ExistsNot" step as coded step, the generated code does not reference the target element from the Pages. Instead, it creates a fixed find logic from the current state of the element in the Elements Explorer.

The issue is that when the find expression for that target element changes, the coded step fill not be updated.

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I'm following the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe doc in User's Guide syntax and getting an error I can't understand.  Screenshots
in attached file below.

If you need additional information let me know.

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We have a large PDF (60+ pages) and try to verify certain content on specific pages. During the recording process some elements are captured with TagName and TextContent and others with TagIndex. In this scenario TagIndex is not reliably, because the document is large and the elements change dynamicaly.

One solution is to update the element's find logic manually on all elements that use TagIndex, but this is very time consuming. 

Another option is to use coded step to find the target element by TextContent and verify it.

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Currently we have an Angular select control and we are experiencing troubles with the automation. The value is visibly selected but it is not used further in the application. It appears that the "OnInput" event is not triggered during the selection.

We have found a workaround, which is to trigger that event in a coded step:

// This is necessary to trigger event listener
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Not able to install Telerik Test Studio


=== Verbose logging started: 4/16/2021  10:47:39  Build type: SHIP UNICODE 5.00.10011.00  Calling process: Local\Temp\7zSCA0634CB\ProgressWebInstaller.exe === MSI (c) (94:58)

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We are unable to use TestStudio for WPF, when closing the window during recording we get an excpetion.

I tried and created simple wpf app in VS 2019 and get same results.

I attached a C# project as solution was to big.



Simple app is based on VS 2019 telerik for WPF project, created as blank.

Only code changed is adding a DispatcherUnhandledException on App class.


private void OnDispatcherUnhandledException(object sender, DispatcherUnhandledExceptionEventArgs e)
            if (e.Handled || e.Exception == null)
            e.Handled = true;



1) Create new project

2) Create new test for WPF 

3) Configure to the WPF app exe file

4) Click record

5) After test studio is connected close the window.


Expected results:

Window get closed without any problems.


Actual results:

While closing the window exception is being thrown that we.


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When you add a "Wait for Exists" step from the Step Builder, against existing element in the Elements Explore, it will keep the image that was captured during the recording of that element.

That image is used as a backup logic to try and find the target element for the "Wait for Exists" step, but it should not be used. 

The workaround is to delete the image in the target element only for the "Wait for Exists" step.

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If using the coded solution to launch a WPF app for testing (sample code listed here), the ArtOfTest.Runner crashes.

Workaround: Replace the line


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The Test Studio Recorder is not attaching to the browser when I start recording.


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Last Updated: 01 Apr 2021 09:23 by Mark
The Test Studio 2021 R1 SP1 contains changes related to the latest version of Kendo UI for Angular.

 As a result it seems that the translators for Kendo Angular Input and TextBox components are, currently, not backwards compatible with the previous versions of these controls. 

It will be great to fix these so that the latest Test Studio can be used for testing web pages built with previous versions of Kendo Angular controls.

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I have two test lists, one is configured to be executed against Firefox and the other - against Internet Explorer.

When I run the two test lists form the Test Explorer in Visual Studio, all tests from both test lists are executed against the browser of the first test list. The execution browser changes if I rename the test lists in a way that the second one is not the first.

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I have tried docking the Step Builder panel within Visual Studio various times and causes VS to crash every time.

  • Visual Studio Professional v16.7.30503
  • Test Studio plug-in v2020.3.1209.0

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Created by: Ruban
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When you open a test, that was created in Test Studio and has coded steps, for the first time in Visual Studio, the coded steps are not linked to the methods in the code behind file. They appear as blank and you need to select the methods again.

This behavior is specific for Visual Studio and how it loads the files in the solution. The workaround is to double click on any of the coded steps to open the code behind file. That will restore the connections in every coded step in this test.

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During the initial recording of actions against two elements with the same element name, the recorder adds the new steps with identical element names, for example "Span". After checking the elements explorer, we see that those steps are against two different elements - "Span" and "Span0", but this is not clear from the test step name.

When you record new steps against the second element "Span0", the step name is correctly referring to the used element (see attached screenshot).

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Last Updated: 09 Feb 2021 15:45 by Ryan

A specific coded steps test cause Chrome to be closed when trying to perform a partial run using Run->To Here. 

The coded step before the navigate one is starting a proxy to log the traffic.

Sample project is provided internally.

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Last Updated: 03 Feb 2021 12:19 by Thomas

Test Config Scenario (sample proj attached):

Test A (Maintest) calls Test B 

Test B (filled with local Data) calls Test C

Test C (inheritParentData, should get it's data from Test A) calls Test D

Test D (inheritParentData, should get it's data from Test A as well) 

Expected: Upon execution Test B executes all its iterations correctly for each iteration of Test A. 

Actual: Test B executes all its iterations, but uses only the first row value for each of the iterations.

Note: If Test C is excluded from the test execution, all iterations from test B are performed correctly. 

If Test C and Test D are using their own data instead of inheriting the parent source, the execution is as well as expected.

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1. A Test Studio project in Visual Studio.

2. Add an independent element in the project - an element, which is not tied to a step and is added through the highlighting menu while recording (Add element to Repository). 

3. Try to rename this element.

Expected: To be able to enter new name for the element.

Actual: Visual Studio crashes and exits the project.

Workaround: The same element can be renamed in the Test Studio Standalone project. 

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