Kalin Todorov
Team Member

Docking: Standalone RadPane is not visible in VS designer in the latest themes

Bug Report by Kalin Todorov Status: Approved Comments: 1 Attachments: 1 Category: RadDocking for WPF Last update: 2017-03-28T16:20:28 by Kalin Todorov
Tanya Dimitrova
Team Member

RichTextBox: Find and Replace dialog should search for matches in headers, footers and comments as well

The dialog should match the strings contained in the different document parts (headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, comments).
Feature Request by Tanya Dimitrova Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: RadRichTextBox for WPF Last update: 2017-03-28T13:36:43 by Thomas Neebe
Polya Pelova
Team Member

PivotGrid: Add Culture support for QueryableDataProvider

Feature Request by Polya Pelova Status: Approved Comments: 4 Category: RadPivotGrid for WPF Last update: 2017-03-27T19:36:57 by Richard Sinden
Paul Mason

New Theme: Material Design

Would it be possible to add a new theme that accurately tracks the Google Material Design guidelines? (http://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/introduction.html)
Feature Request by Paul Mason Status: In Development Comments: 14 Category: UI for WPF Last update: 2017-03-27T12:44:13 by Andy Pierrepoint
Marek Ištvánek

RadDataform exception when item PropertyChanged is fired from non-UI thread

// Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadDataForm
private void OnCurrentItemPropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
if (sender != null)

// this causes the exception when called from non-UI thread
// use Dispatcher.Invoke

this.IsItemChanged = true;
Bug Report by Marek Ištvánek Status: Approved Comments: 4 Category: RadDataForm for WPF Last update: 2017-03-27T12:32:30 by Marek Ištvánek
Petar Mladenov
Team Member

Map: MapEllipseViews do not show until zoom is performed

Map with VisualizationLayer (VL) bound to collection of objects.

VL uses an ItemTemplate consisting of MapEllipseView object whose Location Width and Height properties are bound to ViewModel's properties.

On a button click, the ItemsSource of the VL is refreshed. However, the ellipses do not appear until a zoom action is performed.
Bug Report by Petar Mladenov Status: In Development Comments: 0 Category: RadMap for WPF Last update: 2017-03-27T09:51:30 by Petar Mladenov
Stefan Naumov
Team Member

PropertyGrid: When both EditorAttribute and TypeConverter are applied, the TypeConverter is not respected

Modify the current implementation so that the TypeConverter is applied as well when its GetStandardValues method is not overriden.
Bug Report by Stefan Naumov Status: In Development Comments: 0 Category: RadPropertyGrid for WPF Last update: 2017-03-26T20:04:50 by Atanas Popatanasov
Milena Bozhanova
Team Member

RibbonView: Click on ribbon control in xaml view results in opening of Smart Tag adorner in design view.

If you have RadRibbonView control and xaml and design views are open, when click on some ribbon control (e.g. Tab or Button), the design view gets the focus and Smart Tag adorner is open. Moreover the menu cannot be closed using "Close" button, but only when click outside the ribbon.
Bug Report by Milena Bozhanova Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: RadRibbonView for WPF Last update: 2017-03-23T17:49:10 by Mike A
Dilyan Traykov
Team Member

GridView: Reordering a non-resizable column to the right results in the column becoming resizable

Bug Report by Dilyan Traykov Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: RadGridView for WPF Last update: 2017-03-23T16:08:58 by Dilyan Traykov
Borislav Ivanov
Team Member

RichTextBox: All bullet list levels are exported to HTML with list-style-type:disc

All bullet list levels are exported to HTML with list-style-type:disc. Instead, they should be exported with list-style-type:disc, list-style-type: circle;, and list-style-type: square; depending on the level - Level 1,4,7 are with disc, level 2,5,8 are with circle, and level 3,6,9 are with square for the default bullet list type.

Note: There are more problems with the HTML export/import roundtrip in this use case:

- indents FirstLineIndent, RightIndent, Left are set locally - this prevent the expected changing of indent when changing the list level.

- formatting of the bullet (font for example) is set to the paragraph.

Steps to reproduce:
- Add bullet list with three levels.
- Export to HTML.
Expected: The browser show the list preserving the bullet styles.
Actual: The browser visualizes the list with different bullet styles.
Bug Report by Borislav Ivanov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadRichTextBox for WPF Last update: 2017-03-23T12:44:18 by Borislav Ivanov
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