Rumen Jekov
Team Member

JavaScript error is thrown when the uploaded file name contains an apostrophe ’

When uploading a file to the CloudUpload control with an ’ apostrophe symbol in the name (Examples of the 3C’s.pdf), the control fails with

Uncaught Error: Sys.ArgumentException: Cannot deserialize. The data does not correspond to valid JSON.
Parameter name: data
at Function.Error.create (Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd?_TSM_HiddenField_=ctl00_QsfScriptManager_TSM&compress=1&_TSM_CombinedScripts_=%3b%3bSystem.Web.Extensions%2c+Version%3d4.0.0.0%2c+Culture%3dneutral%2c+PublicKeyToken%3d31bf3856ad364e35%3aen-US%3ad28568d3-e53e-4706-928f-3765912b66ca%3aea597d4b%3ab25378d2:6)
at Function.Error.argument (Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd?_TSM_HiddenField_=ctl00_QsfScriptManager_TSM&compress=1&_TSM_CombinedScripts_=%3b%3bSystem.Web.Extensions%2c+Version%3d4.0.0.0%2c+Culture%3dneutral%2c+PublicKeyToken%3d31bf3856ad364e35%3aen-US%3ad28568d3-e53e-4706-928f-3765912b66ca%3aea597d4b%3ab25378d2:6)
at Function.Sys.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer.deserialize (Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd?_TSM_HiddenField_=ctl00_QsfScriptManager_TSM&compress=1&_TSM_CombinedScripts_=%3b%3bSystem.Web.Extensions%2c+Version%3d4.0.0.0%2c+Culture%3dneutral%2c+PublicKeyToken%3d31bf3856ad364e35%3aen-US%3ad28568d3-e53e-4706-928f-3765912b66ca%3aea597d4b%3ab25378d2:6)
at c.RadCloudUpload.HandlerUploader._successfulResponseStatus (RadCloudUploadScripts.js:477)
at XMLHttpRequest.p (RadCloudUploadScripts.js:463)

Note, it's not the typical apostrophe. If you replace ’ with a normal ' windows apostrophe, the control uploads the file just fine.

In order to test, create any file on your system using that special character and try to upload that file using the demo application, located:
Bug Report by Rumen Jekov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadCloudUpload Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-21T11:05:53 by Rumen Jekov
Rumen Jekov
Team Member

Replace All fails if the Up direction is chosen in Find And Replace dialog

Please follow these steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Open RadEditor Demo:
2. Choose a word that is present in the text (e.g. "Barcelona").
3. Open "Find And Replace" dialog.
4. Click on the "Replace" tab.
5. Write "Barcelona" or any other chosen word in the "Find" field.
6. Write something in the "Replace With" field (e.g. "Replacement").
7. Select the "Up" Direction in "Search Options".
8. Click "Replace All".

Actual Result: The "The search string was not found." message is displayed and the substrings ("Barcelona") are not replaced.
Expected Result: All occurrences of the substring are replaced.

Note that this functionality seems to be working if the "Down" direction is chosen.
Bug Report by Rumen Jekov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadEditor Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-20T16:02:07 by Rumen Jekov
Petre Lukarov

IMPROVE SplitButton functionality of the RadButton control

Improve the SplitButton functionality so it is easier to use. Also provide a way for easier integration of ContextMenu with SplitButton as shown in the following demo:
Feature Request by Petre Lukarov Status: Approved Comments: 2 Category: RadButton Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-20T15:37:23 by Peter Keeler
Rumen Jekov
Team Member

White screen on Chrome Browser Zoom Out

We are current experiencing a whitescreen with Telerik UI Controls for Ajax in chrome browser when the zoom level is less than 100. We observed a white screen instead of the rendered controls within main content area of our masterpage. The masterpage has several sections, header, left, mainconten, right and footer sections all divided by RadSplitter/RadPane controls. I attached a sample solution and screenshots of the observed issue.

Step to Reproduce:

- Open solution in Visual Studio

- Run choosing Chrome Browser

- Resize browser to 90%

- Reload the page


Page is rendered


White screen in the main content area

See attached screenshots
Bug Report by Rumen Jekov Status: New Comments: 0 Attachments: 2 Category: RadSplitter Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-19T12:35:58 by Rumen Jekov
Danail Vasilev
Team Member

ADD ClientTemplate functionality for the Legend in RadHtmlChart

Currently ClientTemplates are exposed only for the Series labels and tooltips. Improving this functionality will let you feed data for the legend from more than one column of the datasource as well as to format numbers and dates in the legend. The benefit will be essential for Pie and Donut series.

For the time being the following workaround can be used:

function pageLoad() {
var chart = $find("<%=RadHtmlChart1.ClientID%>");
chart._chartObject.options.legend.labels.template = "#=kendo.format(\'{0:d}\',dataItem.SellDate)#";


<telerik:RadHtmlChart runat="server" ID="RadHtmlChart1" Width="640px" Height="480px">
<telerik:PieSeries DataFieldY="SellQuantity" NameField="SellDate">
Feature Request by Danail Vasilev Status: Completed Comments: 3 Category: RadHtmlChart Scheduled for: R2 2016 Last update: 2018-02-18T07:18:50 by Kasim Husaini
Ianko Djemerenov
Team Member

Clicking to select color with HSB and HSV palettes is impossible under IE11

When using these palettes, the click behavior occurs with some latency and appears like performance issue. At some point, click stops to select a color.
Bug Report by Ianko Djemerenov Status: Completed Comments: 129 Attachments: 6 Category: RadColorPicker Scheduled for: Q3 2015 Last update: 2018-02-18T02:04:38 by Alex Grace
Jefferson Motta

Css for each day in RadDatePicker Calenda

This suggestion is add a css class to each anchor tag for each day, a unique css, like:
with this we can make a css definition:
day20180213 { background-color:red } // carnival
/* day YYYYmmDD */

this option has unlimited uses for any reason you want.

how it will works:
<td title="terça-feira, fevereiro 13, 2018" class="rcSelected" style=""><a class='day20180213' href="#">13</a></td>
Feature Request by Jefferson Motta Status: New Comments: 0 Category: RadCalendar Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-17T16:58:42 by Jefferson Motta
Peter Milchev

Mobile Scheduler recurrence button in AdvancedForm shows wrong text

The Button text initially shows "Never", even though the appointment has a different recurrence.
Bug Report by Peter Milchev Status: Approved Comments: 2 Category: RadScheduler Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-16T19:11:48 by Donny Krause
Rumen Jekov
Team Member

Cannot reorder grid columns when Chrome zoom is different from 100%

If the Chrome browser zoom is different from 100%, it is not possible to reorder the RadGrid columns.

The problem can be reproduced at .
Bug Report by Rumen Jekov Status: New Comments: 0 Category: RadGrid Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-16T14:28:01 by Rumen Jekov
Rumen Jekov
Team Member

The DialogsCssFile property breaks the appearance of a custom skin

When setting the DialogsCssFile property, the generated markup of the RadEditor wrapper changes from

Radeditor RadEditor_<MyCustomSkin> reWrapper


Radeditor <MyCustomSkin> reWrapper.

Since the custom skins generated through the Theme Builder requires the Radeditor RadEditor_<MyCustomSkin> reWrapper class syntax, they won't be applied to the RadEditor body.

The string <MyCustomSkin> is the name of the custom skin.

To fix the problem explicitly set the RenderMode property of RadEditor to "Lightweight", i.e.

<telerik:RadEditor RenderMode="Lightweight" DialogsCssFile="~/MyCustomSkin/DialogContents.css" ID="RadEditor1" runat="server" Skin="MyCustomSkin" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false">
<ImageManager ViewPaths="~/" UploadPaths="~/" />

Bug Report by Rumen Jekov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadEditor Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-02-15T14:39:24 by Rumen Jekov
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