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When the LIST is displayed in a RadDropDownList, the datasource is usually a lookup table. Therefore, it is not practical to set the LIST attribute "DropdownWidth" to a fixed number of pixels, since items can be added to the lookup table where the text length is longer than any currently in the table. If you text is too long for the LIST width, the text wraps and this is not a pleasant user experience.

This control needs an autosize feature for the LIST, so it fits the longest text without causing wrapping. This feature already exists on the RadComboBox with attributes DropDownAutoWidth="Enabled" and "NoWrap=true". These should also be used I the RadDropDownList so the LISTS work identically.
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bryan scott


RadDropDownList has an attribute "DropdownWidth" that controls the width of the LIST when it drops down.

If you set the width to a specific number of pixels (say 200px) then there is no issue. But if you set it to "100%" then I would have expected it to be 100% of the owner controls width. But this is not the case, and it becomes very evident when the RadDropDownList is used with a template column of a RadGrid.

In a RadGrid template column, this setting causes the LIST width to expand all the way to the right edge of the screen. This seems to me to be a bug, as it makes no sense to behave this way. You can see this behavior in the screenshot I have attached.

It becomes more evident that this was not the intended functionality (and must be a bug) when you substitute the control with a RadComboBox, having exactly the same attributes. This will use the combo's default settings and show a dropdown list. With the RadCombBox the LIST does not expand to the far right of the screen, it behaves as expected, having 100% of the combobox width.

I would expect both controls to work identically with their LISTS when setting the "DropdownWidth" attribute to "100%".
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Mihail Parvanov
Team Member

Improve the Backspace behavior to delete empty paragraphs when Track Changes is enabled

Use the following markup:

<p><ins author="RadEditorUser" command="Insert" timestamp="1461912623680" title="Inserted by RadEditorUser on 4/29/2016, 9:50:23 AM" class="reU0">Apple</ins></p>
<p><ins author="RadEditorUser" command="Insert" timestamp="1461912654319" title="Inserted by RadEditorUser on 4/29/2016, 9:50:54 AM" class="reU0">Banana</ins></p>

Place the cursor in front of Banana

Press backspace

Expected: The empty paragraph is deleted OR the empty paragraph deletion is tracked (leave the preferred behavior in the comments)

Actual: The last letter of the first paragraph is deleted
Feedback by Mihail Parvanov Status: Approved Comments: 3 Category: RadEditor Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-19T16:51:37 by Joe Gao
Mike Dearman

Add more keyboard support for RadComboBox - Home/End, Page Up/Down

To maintain accessibility consistency with normal HTML select comboboxes, we need the RadComboBox to support the Home and End keys to jump to the 1st and last item respectively. Currently, it just moves the text cursor to the start/end of the textfield.

If the change can't be made globally, can a new property be set to control this behavior?
Ideally too, Page Up/Down can jump multiple items at a time. Currently, it scrolls the page.

See a 2009 forum post too (from someone else):
I see the other keyboard shortcuts listed here:

Per Anton: The keyboard support is specification is implemented according to the article ( which is why there is no support for these keys.

We would like to request these additional keys be supported anyway.

[From ticket 1083598]
Feature Request by Mike Dearman Status: New Comments: 0 Category: RadComboBox Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-19T15:10:18 by Mike Dearman
Ivan Zhekov
Team Member

RadGrid base styles override skins

RadGrid base styles override skins e.g. "border: 1px solid" will override any value for "border-color" that come from non-embed skins.
Bug Report by Ivan Zhekov Status: New Comments: 1 Category: RadGrid Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-19T15:01:36 by Rayne Bair
Ianko Djemerenov
Team Member

set_enabled method breaks the hover effect of RadButton

Having an initially disabled button that is later enabled on the client does not apply the hover effect (rbHovered class is not appended to the DOM element in mouse over).

You can use RadPushButton instead of RadButton (, which works properly in this scneario.
Bug Report by Ianko Djemerenov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadButton Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-19T14:06:41 by Ianko Djemerenov
Kishor Patil

In IE filter menu navigation is not possible if menu is opened via keyboard


Currently JAWS user cannot use the arrow keys to select a filter operator. Please enable arrow keys support to filter context menu for JAWS user.
Refer Telerik support ticket - 1081707 for more information.

Feedback by Kishor Patil Status: In Development Comments: 0 Category: RadGrid Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-19T11:56:16 by Angel Petrov
Nikodim Lazarov
Team Member

FIX Find and Replace freezes IE8 and IE9 when pressing ReplaceAll in HTML mode

IE8 and 9 freeze when trying to do a ReplaceAll in HTML mode and the string to find is very short - easiest way to reproduce is using a single letter.
Bug Report by Nikodim Lazarov Status: Completed Comments: 0 Category: RadEditor Scheduled for: Q1 2014 Last update: 2017-01-19T11:38:56 by Mihail Parvanov
Ianko Djemerenov
Team Member

Custom font icons are not rendered in PrimaryIcon and SecondaryIcon of RadButton with Classic

Common scenario is to use PrimaryIconCssClass and SecondaryIconCssClass to decorate custom icons. Common situation is using bootstrap's classes for the glyphicons.

In order to workaround this you can use custom CSS rules and define the expected content properties for the before elements. This is an example with bootstrap icons (

.rbSecondaryIcon.glyphicon-filter:before {
content: "\e138";

<telerik:RadButton ID="RadButton2" runat="server"
Text="Filter" ButtonType="SkinnedButton"
Icon-PrimaryIconCssClass="glyphicon glyphicon-filter" >

Bug Report by Ianko Djemerenov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadButton Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-19T11:25:47 by Ianko Djemerenov
Marin Bratanov
Team Member

IMPROVE The appearance of RadGauge in RTL mode

There are some issues with the appearance of the gauges in RTL mode. They vary across browsers.

An easy fix is to add a CSS class to each of them and force direction: ltr:

<telerik:RadRadialGauge CssClass="rtlFix" ID="radialGauge1" runat="server" Width="272px" Height="272px">
. . . . .

direction: ltr;

If you need to swap the places of the min and max value the Reverse property of the Scale inner tag must be set to true.
Bug Report by Marin Bratanov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadGauge Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-19T09:41:52 by Mihail Parvanov
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