Dan Avni

Show number of items checked when too many items checked

when there are a lot of items checked, the RadDropDownTree displays the names of the checked items and an ellipsis, Unlike the RadComboBox which displays "X items checked" or "All items checked" if the list of checked items is too long. Please add an option for behaving like the combobox UX "[N | All] Items checked". Users do not understand this is a different control and they think it's a combo but unlike the RadComboBox they are getting a different type of behavior when selecting multiple items
Feature Request by Dan Avni Status: New Comments: 6 Category: RadDropDownTree Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-05-26T20:12:27 by Lou Keeble
Peter Milchev

Mobile Scheduler recurrence button in AdvancedForm shows wrong text

Bug Report by Peter Milchev Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadScheduler Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-05-26T15:23:25 by Peter Milchev
Rumen Jekov
Team Member

The selected menu item is gray instead of yellow when RadMenu has a Glow skin in Classic render mode

Go to http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/menu/examples/functionality/rendermodes/defaultcs.aspx?Skin=Glow

Switch to RenderMode="Classic" and select some menu item. It will become gray colorized instead of yellow. The gradient should be removed.

Put the following style on the page with the menu control:
.rmLink.rmSelected { background-color: #db9810 !important; }
Bug Report by Rumen Jekov Status: Completed Comments: 0 Category: RadMenu Scheduled for: R2 2017 SP1 Last update: 2017-05-26T14:09:20 by Dimitar Goshev
Peter Milchev

JavaScript error when unloading the page in Edge 40

Bug Report by Peter Milchev Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadMenu Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-05-26T09:21:57 by Peter Milchev
Ianko Djemerenov
Team Member

Clicking to select color with HSB and HSV palettes is impossible under IE11

When using these palettes, the click behavior occurs with some latency and appears like performance issue. At some point, click stops to select a color.
Bug Report by Ianko Djemerenov Status: Completed Comments: 2 Category: RadColorPicker Scheduled for: Q3 2015 Last update: 2017-05-26T09:04:31 by Joel Lisa
Marin Bratanov
Team Member

Misplaced titlebar after autosizing when in RTL mode and RenderMode=Classic

A workaround is to call the _updateTitleWidth() method in the OnClientAutoSize event. A small sample is attached below.
Bug Report by Marin Bratanov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Attachments: 1 Category: RadWindow Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-05-25T13:21:17 by Marin Bratanov
Veselina Raykova
Team Member

Checkbox buttons are missing when ToggleType='CustomToggle' in Lightweight

Checkbox buttons are missing when ToggleType='CustomToggle' in Lightweight rendering. The issue is introduced in 2017 R1 release.

Code to reproduce:
<telerik:RadButton runat="server" ID="btnEnableTrace" RenderMode="Lightweight"
ButtonType="ToggleButton" ToggleType="CustomToggle">
<telerik:RadButtonToggleState PrimaryIconCssClass="rbToggleCheckbox"></telerik:RadButtonToggleState>
<telerik:RadButtonToggleState PrimaryIconCssClass="rbToggleCheckboxChecked"></telerik:RadButtonToggleState>
Bug Report by Veselina Raykova Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadButton Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-05-25T11:47:31 by Veselina Raykova
Nikolay Stoychev
Team Member

Japanese character has been removed when typing in Chrome

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the demo page http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/editor/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx
2. Switch to the 'HTML' mode of the RTE and replace all existing HTML content with the following HTML snippet:

3. Switch to the 'Design' mode of the RTE and click once on the 'text' word;
4. Switch keyboard language to Japanese and select 'Hiragana' input type. Place focus on the 'text';
5. Type the 'a' and 'e' characters;

Expected result:
The 'あえ' characters are typed.

Actual result:
Just 'え' character is typed. The 'あ' character is replaced by the 'え'.

The first character disappears.
You may need to try several times to reproduce the issue.
The issue is reproducible in Chrome (Version 54.0.2840.99 m).
The issue is not reproducible in Firefox and IE11.

Screencast reproduction: http://screencast.com/t/Lj6plU0di99


<telerik:RadEditor ID="RadEditor1" runat="server">

var editorPrototype = Telerik.Web.UI.RadEditor.prototype;
var onKeyDown = editorPrototype._onKeyDown;
editorPrototype._onKeyDown = function (e) {
if (e.composed) {
this._pendingTextTypeCmd = {};
onKeyDown.call(this, e);
if (e.composed) {
delete this._pendingTextTypeCmd;
Bug Report by Nikolay Stoychev Status: Completed Comments: 1 Category: RadEditor Scheduled for: R1 2017 Last update: 2017-05-25T10:24:01 by Suneetha Kishore
Ivan Danchev

Error in VS Design view when RadSpreadsheet ContextMenus are declared in the markup


The error message reads
'ContextMenus' could not be initialized. Details: Object reference on set to an instance of an object.
Bug Report by Ivan Danchev Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadSpreadsheet Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-05-22T11:15:14 by Marin Bratanov
Marin Bratanov
Team Member

Wrong titlebar colors in Metro and MetroTouch skins in Lightweight RenderMode

/*lightweight mode*/
.RadWindow_Metro div.rwTitleBar,
.RadWindow_MetroTouch div.rwTitleBar
background-color: #25a0da;

/*if you want to remove the sides padding*/
padding-left: 0px;
padding-right: 0px;
padding-bottom: 0px;

/* if you want all the borders blue */
border-color: #25a0da;
background-color: #25a0da;

/* when Classic form decorator is prsent it adds a white border and changes the font size of h6 elements, avoid that for the Lightweight Radwindow if you cannot move to a Lightweight form decorator as well*/

div.RadWindow h6.rwTitle
border-bottom: none;
font-size: inherit;
Bug Report by Marin Bratanov Status: Completed Comments: 0 Category: RadWindow Scheduled for: R2 2017 SP1 Last update: 2017-05-19T14:03:17 by Mihail Parvanov
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