Ed Lance

Bootstrap Skin and Sizing

The Telerik Bootstrap skin looks like it is Bootstrap, but it is not. While it is easy to override a Bootstrap style to customize something, every time we do we end up on a support ticket to figure out how to make the same override in the skin.

One common area this comes up is the form sizing. In Bootstrap, you can use a CSS class .form-group-sm to easily make the form controls smaller. (There are several other classes as well for controls and form groups.) The Telerik controls, like radCombobox or DatePicker do not honor this style, you need special Telerik CSS to get them to size.

The Bootstrap skin should have CSS included in it that handles when the Bootstrap control size classes are used. That way when a Telerik control is placed in a div with .form-group-sm etc. it will automatically resize itself accordingly.

ref: http://getbootstrap.com/css/#forms-control-sizes
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Marin Bratanov
Team Member

RadWindow throws error when maximized via JS but Behaviors does not contain Resize

Error message: Unable to get property '_handlesCollection' of undefined or null reference
when RenderMode=Lightweight

- enable the default behaviors to enable the Resize (and thus- maximize0 functionality, restore behaviors later:
function OpenForm(sender, args) {
var oWnd = radopen(null, "existing");
var currBehaviors = oWnd.get_behaviors();
if (!oWnd.isMaximized()) {

- OR, have the Behaviors property contain either of the Maximize or Resize behavior. Or use the Default value

<telerik:RadWindowManager runat="server" ID="rwm1">
<telerik:RadWindow runat="server" ID="existing" Behaviors="Close, Resize">

<telerik:RadButton ID="Button5" Text="open existing rw from rwm 3" AutoPostBack="false" OnClientClicked="OpenForm" runat="server"></telerik:RadButton>

function OpenForm(sender, args) {
var oWnd = radopen(null, "existing");

function OnClientShow(sender, args) {
if (!sender.isMaximized()) {
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cleary w

radgrid to offer the cellMerge feature.

Would be nice to have RadGrid offer the feature to have options to Merge Cells with same contents so the report/grid won't be so busy. Users typically expect this kind of look and feel.

Example & code included:

This ticket discussed it also: 1091013

Others in forums asked about this also in the past since about 2009, if we google on: telerik grid asp.net merge cell. .



Then I found this link among the results from google. Though, I wish there are RowMerge and ColumnMerge properties in RadGrid for us to turn it on/off. That will be wonderful.


This example is also from the following link from the same google search result, the first link.



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Adam Nelson

PanelBar client visible property for items

Please consider adding a ClientVisible or Display property to panel bar items that we can set server side to control the initial visibility of items on the client.

In the screenshot you can see the PanelBar and a menu to filter items to display. I like what I have except for the fact that I have to run javascript to filter items on each page load and async update based on the selected filter.

RadGrid has a property Display for columns which allows the column to be sent to the client but not be visible initially. I just want something like that for the PanelBar.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Scott Gerber

RadWizard Finish Button SingleClick = True

Would be great to have a SingleClick and SingleClickText property for Cancel, Next and Finish buttons on the RadWizard in the same manner as normal RadButtons.

Testing a project which is complete except for an issue where the user is able to submit many times by pressing the Finish button in quick succession.

Tried this but did not work for me:
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Peter Milchev

OnClientProgressUpdating continues firing when upload is completed if AsyncUpload is in <li> element

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Veselina Raykova
Team Member

Deleting the first char of a list item removes the li element instead of the char

Deleting the fisrt char of a list item removes the li element instead of the char (using Delete button).

The issue is introduced in Q1 2016.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/editor/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx
2. Insert the following content in html mode:

3. Switch to Design mode and click in the begining of the second list item (befor 4).
4. Press the Delete key


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Marin Bratanov
Team Member

FIX A modal popup that has Overlay=true does not create an overlay for the modal background

When the control is modal it should create a second iframe behind the modal background like it creates one behind the popup itself. This will allow the modal background to stay above heavy-weight objects in IE as well.
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Martin Atanasov

RadGrid items drag-drop functionality does not work correctly when Chrome is zoomed to 90%

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Ravindra Lulla

Sharepoint 2013 radeditor

As of now RadEditor for SharePoint 2013 or sharepoint 2016 is not available, reason Telerik had provided for non-availablity of RadEditor for List Items as it is handled from client end is not acceptable, since many other component providers do support similar functions with their editors. the reason / use case iam looking for is becoz of need to handle clipboard manager in editor which is not available in Multiple line of text column type of an SharePoint 2013 list,
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