Marin Bratanov
Team Member

ADD Close on outside click feature for RadWindow, RadNotification and RadTooltip

The idea is to let a simple property have the RadWindow close on outside click like the RadLightBox:

At the moment, a few lines of code are needed and you can find examples here:
Feature Request by Marin Bratanov Status: Completed Comments: 3 Category: RadWindow Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-21T09:49:26 by Marin Bratanov
Steve McNiven-Scott

Modernize the Rotator

I don't ever use the radrotator because of how dated it is....sets a fixed with (rrClipRegion), rotated items flow behind that, jquery based animation...etc etc.

Can we please knock this out of the park and make something like

Look, if you guys didn't use your own rotator on the new needs fixing, no? #Dogfooding
Feedback by Steve McNiven-Scott Status: Declined Comments: 20 Category: RadRotator Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-21T09:47:25 by Marin Bratanov
Marin Bratanov
Team Member

ADD a label below the gauge pointer

For the time being you can position a style element with absolute position below the gauge cap that will store the current value of the gauge. See an example in the forum post.

You can vote for this feature so that it must be implemented in the Kendo Gauge first
Once it gets implemented, it can be ported to the UI for ASP.NET AJAX Gauge server wrapper.
Feature Request by Marin Bratanov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadGauge Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-21T09:44:03 by Marin Bratanov
Genady Sergeev
Team Member

ADD: Office 2013 Skin

Feature Request by Genady Sergeev Status: Declined Comments: 6 Category: Skin suggestions Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-21T09:40:07 by Marin Bratanov
Marin Bratanov
Team Member

Batch Editing: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined when, in EditType=row, you open a cell in a column where the previous opening was cancelled

The reason for the behavior is that the column editor does not move to the cell when you cancel its opening. Opening a cell in the same column expects the column editor to be in the previously opened cell, however, and this causes the error. Repro is attached to illustrate the scenario.

- Use EditType=Cell so that each cell opens independently of the row (wokaround 1).
- Use the provided function override (workaround 2). Make sure to remove it after upgrading to a release that has the fix. This function override may prevent you from getting other updates and fixes in this function.
- Use a template column and hide the editor based on your condition in the OnBatchEditOpened event (workaround 3)
Bug Report by Marin Bratanov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Attachments: 4 Category: RadGrid Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-20T15:11:19 by Marin Bratanov
Attila Antal
Team Member

Newly created child tab not showing up

When adding a child tab programmatically to a second TabStrip tab that has no child item, the newly created child tab will not show up.

Workaround is to remove the class that was hiding the child element:

if (selectedTab.get_tabs().get_count() > 0) {
Bug Report by Attila Antal Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: RadTabStrip Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-20T10:44:05 by Attila Antal
Ianko Djemerenov
Team Member

Clicking to select color with HSB and HSV palettes is impossible under IE11

When using these palettes, the click behavior occurs with some latency and appears like performance issue. At some point, click stops to select a color.
Bug Report by Ianko Djemerenov Status: Completed Comments: 63 Attachments: 4 Category: RadColorPicker Scheduled for: Q3 2015 Last update: 2017-11-18T04:21:49 by eboesle godfrey
Marin Bratanov
Team Member

FIX RadLiveTile throws a JavaScript error after being disposed in a partial postback

A workaround is to remove the loading sign functionality by placing the following script at the end of the form tag

The second override is necessary only if you use the OnClientDataLoaded event to alter the data and add fields in the data object that do not exist in the server response. You need to rename the OnClientDataLoaded method call to use your actual method name.

You can find an example of both workarounds and their usage attached.

Some additional information:
- If possible, move the tiles out of the AJAX request, as this will eliminate all of the problems. Depending on the actual scenario perhaps you can make sure they are not in an update panel (e.g., position them absolutely on the page while keeping their markup out of the partial postback).
- consider moving any data formatting logic from the event handler to the template. You can define functions that format the code in the template, not only in the event. An example is available in the attached file. Alternatively, you can return the data formatted from the web service.
- consider reducing the time interval for the requests, because after the AJAX request, only 1 of 2 requests will update the tile UI.
Bug Report by Marin Bratanov Status: Approved Comments: 0 Attachments: 1 Category: RadTileList Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-17T11:36:13 by Marin Bratanov
Veselina Raykova
Team Member

The single/multi cell selection does not work in hierarchical grid

If the selection mode of the Grid is different than row selection, no cell of the detailed grid gets selected. The bug is introduced with version 2016 R3 SP1

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run the following demo locally

2. and add this configuration:
<telerik:RadGrid ...>
<Selecting CellSelectionMode="SingleCell" />
Bug Report by Veselina Raykova Status: Won't fix Comments: 3 Category: RadGrid Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-17T11:24:55 by Veselina Raykova
Veselina Raykova
Team Member

RadGrid's footer has wrong color in Metro skin (black)

RadGrid's footer has wrong color in Metro skin - black text over black background. The problem is specific for Classic render mode.
Feedback by Veselina Raykova Status: Completed Comments: 0 Category: RadGrid Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-11-16T15:46:12 by Milena Chikova
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