Last Updated: 01 Mar 2024 16:35 by ADMIN
Setting SelectedSegmentBackgroundColor property of the SegmentedControl does not take any effect.
Last Updated: 01 Mar 2024 16:19 by Vivek

Android: when tapping on load on demand template the data is not loaded. 

If you use the LoadOnDemandCommand you can bind the command to the button inside the template.


On WinUI there is an exception runtime



Use automatic load on demand mode or bind the command to the template

Last Updated: 01 Mar 2024 14:09 by Paul

When selecting MonthView from the 3-dot menu on the Scheduler component, the app hangs on iOS. 

To workaround the issue add the following to the Page where the Scheduler resides:


Last Updated: 01 Mar 2024 12:17 by ADMIN

When setting IsEnabled through binding, it does not work on items level, it works on toolbar level. Still the Isvisible property works on items level. 

<telerik:RadToolbar x:Name="toolbar" >
    <telerik:ToggleButtonToolbarItem Text="ToggleButton" IsEnabled="{Binding IsActive, Mode=TwoWay}">
            <FontImageSource Glyph="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.IconBold}"
                        FontFamily="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.Name}"
                        Size="16" />



Last Updated: 22 Feb 2024 12:00 by Jamison
When the ComboBox is placed inside a modal popup, the dropdown can't be closed on WinUI when clicking outside.
Last Updated: 16 Feb 2024 08:21 by Gabriel
Created by: Gabriel
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Category: DataGrid
Type: Bug Report
Reordering DataGridDrawingColumn by dragging their column headers around don't reorder the cells too. The cells keep the position before the reordering
Last Updated: 14 Feb 2024 06:09 by ADMIN

Labels in bar series are cut, when setting the labels VerticalAligment to Top:

Last Updated: 13 Feb 2024 10:48 by ADMIN

I set a minimum height on a RadRichTextEditor control so its height would expand as the user typed more into the editor.  This caused different issues on both Android and iOS.

On Android: As the height attempts to expand, it gets caught in an infinite loop where the bottom of the height is shaking.  I believe this is because the call to  UpdateContentSize in OnSizeAllocated causes a re-render of the underlying webview, which causes it to keep resizing over and over.

On iOS: The editor height never expands, but I believe this might be a platform issue and not a telerik issue.

Last Updated: 13 Feb 2024 08:21 by Giuliano
If the DataGrid has two or three columns, and the device is rotated horizontally, the last column header is not fully rendered.
Last Updated: 09 Feb 2024 10:34 by Maxime
When changing the device culture to be RTL, some PDF documents are not displayed correctly in the PDF Viewer.
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2024 16:20 by Kevin

In iOS if you are on a page with a rich text editor, then navigate to a new page, the editor gets unloaded.  When the user navigates back, the document is still unloaded and is no longer functional.  This is not a problem on Android.

Here is a stack trace of when that document gets unloaded:

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2024 09:58 by Allen
The Popup is not correctly positioned on Windows when changing the size of the window by Minimize/Maximize. 
Last Updated: 01 Feb 2024 08:46 by ADMIN
When tapping on the header, the content does not expand. You can see the arrow is rotated, still content is missing. 
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2024 02:50 by Fred

When navigating to DataGrid examples, xaml binding errors occur for ActualWidth and Header Text. 

Still, the app runs as expected. 

Last Updated: 30 Jan 2024 16:32 by Andrew
If you place an editable ComboBox in a TabView, its DropDown will not close when switching tabs. Just click into the ComboBox input to select an item and navigate to a different tab - the options list stays open.
Last Updated: 29 Jan 2024 06:11 by ADMIN
Created by: SturmA
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Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report
when changes are made in the xaml, they are not applied live in the running app using the Hot Reload
Last Updated: 25 Jan 2024 09:09 by Srilekha
You cannot swipe along with the content when navigation to another item. You have to swipe outside of the content. Video is attached
Last Updated: 16 Jan 2024 07:58 by Fred
If the Chart control is nested inside a ScrollView, it is not sized properly on Android - it seems it occupies the available space, but the chart itself ( the axes and the series) are shrunk in size.
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2024 14:42 by Steve
If you have an AutoComplete control as the first element of the visual tree of the page, when you open a Popup control, the popup takes the focus and after closing the popup, the focus is set back to the AutoComplete - if there is text in the AutoComplete input, its SuggestionView is shown without user interaction with the control.
Last Updated: 02 Jan 2024 08:24 by Hanoch
If you have a TreeView with LoadChildrenOnDemand enanled and CheckBoxMode set to "Recursive", when the user checks an unexpanded item ( which children are not loaded yet), the expand icon disappears and the user is not able to expand the item.
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