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ImageEditor control does not respect the image whether the photo was taken in portrait and landscape orientation.
Last Updated: 21 Jun 2023 14:11 by Ryan
It seems that when I remove all the crop operations except for 'Circle', it still shows and defaults to the ‘Free’ option. Once I click on the crop toolbar item, change it to ‘Circle’, then click on the crop toolbar item again, the ‘Free’ option is no longer there and it's just ‘Circle’, which is what I expected it to originally show. 
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Created by: Bernd
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Some phone cameras save the information about the orientation as EXIF data instead of rotating the raw image. We noticed this on our Samsung Android phones. But during my investigation, I found out that iOS does the same.

When I view such a picture using the MAUI Image control, it is shown correctly. But when I view it in the Telerik ImageEditor, the picture is rotated or flipped.

It seems this bug affects a lot of devices. Users can use the ImageEditor to fix it, but it's very annoying and not acceptable for production. A possible workaround is to write custom code that rotates the raw image according to the EXIF data. But I think an Image Editor control should be able to show images correctly out of the box.


Last Updated: 06 Mar 2023 11:55 by Erik Damgaard

When loading images in the ImageEditor, some are rotated on 180. EXIF orientation property is not respected