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Last Updated: 01 Jul 2024 07:25 by ADMIN
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Putting the Path or MultiPath inside of a ScrollView with a VerticalStack leads to an exception.
Last Updated: 14 Feb 2024 06:09 by ADMIN

Labels in bar series are cut, when setting the labels VerticalAligment to Top:

Last Updated: 16 Jan 2024 07:58 by Fred
If the Chart control is nested inside a ScrollView, it is not sized properly on Android - it seems it occupies the available space, but the chart itself ( the axes and the series) are shrunk in size.
Last Updated: 19 Nov 2023 15:06 by ADMIN
If you access the native chart control and made some customization on handler changed, the customizations are reset when series are updated. 
Last Updated: 10 Nov 2023 12:46 by Component

On WinUI: Two PieSeries are displayed. 

On Android: Crash occurs

On iOS: negative value is displayed in chart

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2023 14:26 by ADMIN


I have the following chart

      <telerik:RadPieChart Grid.Row="1">
          <telerik:DonutSeries ItemsSource="{Binding CurrencyAllocation}" x:Name="CurrSeries"
          <telerik:ChartSelectionBehavior DataPointSelectionMode="Single"
                                          SelectionChanged="Chart_SelectionChanged" />

As soon as I set the SelectedDataPointOffset to a lowish value, no matter whether it's 0.5, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 or even 0.0000001, the offset when selecting the data point is always the same and it's so large that it's unusable, as you can see in the following screenshot.


As an additional issue, if i set the offset to 0.9, i get an exception

'RelativeOffsetFromCenter is not valid! The possible values are in the [0, 1] interval.'

as soon as I select a segment. 0.9 obviously is in the [0, 1] interval.



Last Updated: 11 Oct 2023 08:02 by ADMIN
Release 6.3.0
Dynamic change of the Stroke property of the ScatterSplineSeries has no effect in Android, the stroke is not changed.



Change the Palette.

ChartPalette chartPalette = new ChartPalette();
chartPalette.Entries.Add(new PaletteEntry { FillColor = Colors.LightBlue, StrokeColor = Colors.LightGreen });
this.chart.Palette = chartPalette;


Last Updated: 01 Sep 2023 10:11 by Steve

Improve performance when adding many series and data points are constantly added and increased
For example chart slows the performance when 4th series with many data points are added. 

For the test, I have used ScatterLine series.

Last Updated: 18 Aug 2023 09:43 by ADMIN
Release 6.1.0
I would like the legend to be in the upper right of the chart. Tried the "HorizontalOptions="End", but that didn't change the position. I also tried HorizontalOptions="Center" and that didn't move the legend either.
Last Updated: 02 Aug 2023 14:08 by ADMIN
When setting StrokeThickness to the ScatterLineSeries  the app crashes on iOS and MacCatalyst
Last Updated: 02 Aug 2023 12:29 by ADMIN

Hi Team,

Only on iOS, an app will crash if the CartesianGridLineAnnotation's Value is not set. On Windows and Android, this does not occur.


<telerik:RadCartesianChart x:Name="chart">
        <!-- PROBLEM: Crashes on iOS due to not have a default value-->
        <telerik:CartesianGridLineAnnotation x:Name="marker" Axis="{x:Reference xAxis}"/>
        <!-- WORKAROUND: Set a default Value -->
        <telerik:CartesianGridLineAnnotation x:Name="marker" Axis="{x:Reference xAxis}" Value="0"/>

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Created by: Marion
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Hi Team,

If you create a ScatterPointSeries, the RadLegend does not pick up the series DisplayName value. A replication project is attached, but here's a screenshot to quickly illustrate the behavior:

Thank you,


Last Updated: 30 Jun 2023 09:54 by Steve
When setting the Stroke of the ScatterLineSeries to something other than the default, the RadLegend icon color does does not sync to match.
Last Updated: 30 Jun 2023 07:46 by Steve

when using the flowing setup: 

                    <telerik:ChartSelectionBehavior x:Name="selection"

the selection behavior on data point does not fire on WInUI on Cartesian series. It works for PieSeries. 

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 12:20 by ADMIN
Release 5.1.0

I have a RadPieChart in my application. When removing the app from the backstack and service is running, then opening the app from the notification, the app crashes with: 


Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: ChildNode is already parented by a ChartElement instance.



Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 11:31 by ADMIN
Release 5.1.0

When adding a plot band annotation to the date time axis, it is not applied on MacCatalyst and iOS. In addition if using binding, an exception is thrown.  

System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: minimum
  at TelerikUI.TKRange..ctor (Foundation.NSObject minimum, Foundation.NSObject maximum) 


It works on Android and WinUI

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 11:30 by ADMIN
Release 5.1.0
When using DateTimeAxis and the chart data points use milliseconds, the axis does not display the milliseconds correctly. 
Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 11:30 by ADMIN
Release 5.1.0

An exception is thrown when setting the ChartPallete FillColor property. The issue is reproduced on all platforms.


Also set the StrokeColor property.

        <telerik:PaletteEntry FillColor="Red" StrokeColor ="Yellow"/>
        <telerik:PaletteEntry FillColor="Gray" StrokeColor ="Yellow" />
        <telerik:PaletteEntry FillColor="Blue" StrokeColor ="Yellow"/>


Last Updated: 13 Jul 2022 10:37 by ADMIN
Release Release 2.1.0
On iOS, when using the TrackBall behavior, if the graph is zoomed at all when trying to move side to side it scrolls the graph rather than moving the line/info box.
Last Updated: 13 Jul 2022 10:35 by ADMIN
Release Release 2.1.0
Trackball and Tooltip throw 

Android.Views.WindowManagerBadTokenException: 'Unable to add window -- token null is not valid; is your activity running?'

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