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Current behavior

When there is a custom cell template applied to a column in the Grid(Native), using the grouping functionality breaks Grid's layout

Expected behavior

The Grid's layout shouldn't be affected if we apply a custom cell template

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

  1. Open this StackBlitz project
  2. See that the values in the ProductName column are bolded, but Grid's layout is broken
  3. Remove the cell template definition on line 54 by removing the cell property.
  4. Run the project again and see how if we don't apply a cell template, Grid's layout is being displayed correctly


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Hi Team,

I'm using the export excel feature in the grid. When I'm trying to download data less record( < 3k) it's working fine, but this becomes problematic when I'm trying to download huge data (more than 10k) my browser hangs and after some time browser crash. Do let me know any solution regarding this issue.

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When using a grid with a selectable column and keyboard navigation enabled, it's not possible to select the last visible row. Instead of selecting the row, the grid just scrolls the item to the center of the grid.

I've attached a gif of the behavior and a sample project based on the grid demos.

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Goodmorning Progress,

We're working quite some time with Kendo for Vue and we are slowly migrating some old 'wrapper' grids to the new native grids. We know there are some limitations in it, because not everything is developed yet, but that wasn't a show stopper for us.

Or project uses quite a lot of data (like a google sheet) and we need it to be editable. So we implemented a native grid and a custom cell render with a VueComponent. This works perfect in case of a little amount of cells, but when there are more rows and columns it's giving us some performance issues.

First we tried virtual scrolling, but this feel 'honky-bonky' and is not even workable on a mac. Then we tried column-virtualization to minimize the rendered data, but also that didn't work. Columns aren't re-rendered when visible and its conflicting with our three locked start columns (visually data overlapping, numbers go through each other, etc).

Then our options are down to zero, so i started to investigate with some performance profiling what's happening. In our case we have 70 columns and 500 rows, this results in like 35k cells. Rendering isn't the big issue, until u start interact with the grid. Our RowClick-function sets one item in the data-items to 'inEdit' like the docs also showing. When this is happening the page freezes and i start wondering why. I found out that ALL the GridCell's (with a custom CellRender) are calling the updateRender-function. So 35k functions are called in some milliseconds and causes it to freeze. It takes around 30 sec's to get it a bit reactive, but you can understand its not workable anymore.

Our wrapper grids hadn't a single problem with handling these kids of data (no paging, no weird stuff, also custom renders for every cell)

Can you please provide me an answer why this is happening? It's possible to get access to our test-environment with the grids in action to visualize my problem a bit better. 

We have a payed license on a co-worker account (berend.haan@..).

Kind regards, 

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The Accessibility Support page for Kendo UI for Vue Native Components (https://www.telerik.com/kendo-vue-ui/components/accessibility/accessibility-compliance/) incorrectly implies that the Vue Native grid has keyboard navigation support. The page seems to be referring to native components as seen by the breadcrumb and the introduction text.

All of the items in the list except for the grid are linked to the Vue Native component. The "grid" item is linked to the Vue Grid Wrapper (https://www.telerik.com/kendo-vue-ui/components/grid-wrapper/keyboard-navigation/).

I believe there's already a (unplanned) feature request out there to add keyboard navigation features to the native grid, but in the meantime, please remove the grid from this page as it does not currently support full keyboard navigation.