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I have Scheduler vertical timeline with an user group and more users I add the wider is every slot.  Example 2 users https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-dttghr?file=app%2Fmain.jsx . Example 4 users https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-dttghr-a3nor3 the slot is double in width in comparation with 2 users. Can I control this somehow?

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With the ArcGauge component, when you set the rangeLineCap to something other than 'butt' (ie:  round or square), the indicator does not line up with the tick lines.  This leads to misleading values.  Please look at this StackBlitz:




This will show the comparison between round and butt rangeLineCaps. 

From the screenshot as well, the ArcGauge on the right looks like the value is greater than 0, resulting in the user being mislead on the result.

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AutoComplete focused item is not set correctly if the items are with different height.

Currently, it is required to have the same height for the items, but this can be very hard in cases when the items are dynamic with various height.
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Hi Guys,

In GridProps for KendoReact Grid there is an error in the type information:

Found here: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/grid/api/GridProps/#toc-rowrender

In the GridProps.d.ts file it is:

     * Fires when a row is about to be rendered. Overrides the default appearance of the row.
    rowRender?: (row: React.ReactElement<HTMLTableRowElement>, props: GridRowProps) => React.ReactNode;

This should be changed to:

rowRender?: (row: React.ReactElement<React.HtmlProps<HTMLTableRowElement>>, props: GridRowProps) => React.ReactNode;


Note that the React.ReactElement definition is:

    interface ReactElement<P = any, T extends string | JSXElementConstructor<any> = string | JSXElementConstructor<any>> {
        type: T;
        props: P;
        key: Key | null;


So the first type parameter should be the props typ.

I noted this while making use of it. After changing it it behaves sensibly. Worked around in my case by using 'as any' to void the type clash.



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I created a solution using KendoReact Editor.

The editor is set to enable the creation of tables (EditorTools.InsertTable).

When the property 'defaultEditMode' is set to 'iframe',  the editor inserts a correct table with a width of 100% and visible cell borders.

If I set the 'defaultEditMode' to 'div' and insert a table the table has a width of some pixels and no borders are shown. In other words, the inserted table is not usable.

I need to set the editMode to 'div' because otherwise the editor doesn't adjust its look to the other parts of the page. The font is wrong etc.

How can I get the tables to work in 'div' mode?


Kind regards


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Grid Header shifting when filtering column.

When a column is half visible, and it is filtered, a misalignment will occur between the header and the Grid content.

Video: https://www.screencast.com/t/PhOonptY2

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DropDownList and MulstiSelect do not open on click(IE 11). 

They do open sometimes, but it seems random.

They do open when using the keyboard.

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Calendar picker Template displays wrong year range when you click on a certain year.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Open https://www.telerik.com/kendo-react-ui/components/dateinputs/datepicker/ in the Chrome browser

2) Click on the calendar icon, click on 'month/Year' in the calendar header e.g. March 2019

3) Click on the 'Year' in the calendar header i.e. 2019

4) further Click on the Year Range i.e 2010-2019

5) Year range will display from 2000 - 2090, Select year 2010

Wrong Year range (2090 - 2099) will display when clicked on 2010.

This is working properly in the Firefox browser and I observed the issue in Chrome.