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Hi Team,

I would like to report the following Major bug for KendoReact v4.9.0:

1) Open the Datepicker Demo page
2) Open any of the datepickers and click the month name, as you will see a few months are hidden on the right had side.
  The same behaviour continues if you click the year or decade.

Thanks and kind regards,


PS. This feedback form only allows me to select a "KendoUI for jQuery" version number.

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The ListView component has an item prop that allows you to specify the render component. That component receives ListViewItemProps. The ListViewItemProps type is not exported and cannot be properly imported elsewhere.

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I am using tooltip component for a long desciption field in my grid cell. And I am using it as it will encapsulate Grid component (like the example below) as it is suggested in this page.

<Tooltip openDelay={100} position="right" anchorElement="element"> <Grid>... </Grid> </Tooltip>

My grid has a date field and I am using columnMenu for filtering (GridColumnMenuFilter). An error occurs when I hover the text of date field and says : 

Tooltip(...): Nothing was returned from render. This usually means a return statement is missing. Or, to render nothing, return null.

I also trid to replicate the problem in the example on this page and it gives the same error. I forked the project and you can check it from

Simply move the cursor over month/day/year in a date filter area and see the problem. This seems like a bug. Or if there is any solution to this, I would like to see a workaround.





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if (_this.element && document.activeElement === _this.element) {
                _this.element.setSelectionRange(selection.start, selection.end);

@progress/kendo-react-dateinputs": "^4.3.0"

DatePicker and DateInput React components malfunction when rendered inside iFrame.


For example, key navigation between date parts is not working for the DateInput/DatePicker rendered inside iFrame.

When user clicks on the month part of the date, the month part does not get selected.

Same for day or year part.


The reason is a code similar to this in DateInput.js:


if (_this.element && document.activeElement === _this.element) {
                _this.element.setSelectionRange(selection.start, selection.end);

if (document.activeElement !== _this.element) 

This code references the top level "document".

If the React component is rendered inside iFrame, we need to use the contentDocument of the iFrame to have this code working as expected.


Could replace "document" with "_this.element.ownerDocument" to make it work inside iFrame as well as in the top level window.


Now "document.activeElement" always returns the reference to the iFrame element rather than the expected date input element inside iFrame.




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Description of the problem

In the Grid component with infinite scrolling, when a user scrolls down, the grid will bounce them back up to the first row when loading the next couple of rows. We get this same behavior in our application so it doesn't seem to be a mistake in the demo. We've encountered this issue in both version 1.x and the most recent version of Kendo.

To reproduce:

  • go to the demo for this component;
  • slowly scroll down in the grid component.

Code, screenshots, etc

Since this is also broken in the docs, I don't think it's necessary to add screenshots or code.

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It's annoying because:


1) Every time I go to a new page or refresh my browser it comes up bright yellow

2) It blocks the search bar which I use a lot

3) The seminar is over which just annoys me more


I'm OK if you want to tell me once like a privacy notice, but don't tell me every time my web page refreshes and overwrite part of the page.



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I was just running through the new features of KendoReact 2021 R2 and am very keen to start implementing.

One of my colleagues pointed out that there is an ellipses after each checkbox when using checkboxes under Grid Selection, see It sees this is the casein MS Edge and Chrome. I use Firefox, so didnt notice it.

Thanks for the new features, keep it up.




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When changing the popup setting "appendTo" to a different element that has a wider width then the input of the dropdown multiselect is not working properly.
The dropdown is attached to that element but the styling is not changing to that parent and is just taking the width of it initial parent.

Example can be found here:


When using the standalone popup control this is working as it should and adjusting it's width based on the parent it's appended to.

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The DateTimePicker does not work in IE11 due to it's failure to fully support the shorthand syntax for flex ( In order for it to work in IE11 flex-basis needs a unit defined and therefore does not support calc() in this scenario.

Potential Fix:

If you break out flex-grow, flex-shrink and flex-basis then calc() can be used for flex-basis.

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I noticed that the value prop of the TextAreaChangeEvent is defined as string | number | string[].

When will this value be number or string[]?

Won't it always be string due to the fact that it's a text area input?

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After taking a look at your example in the documentation here (which doesn't seem to be working) 

I fixed the onSelectEnd function and got it working. However, the selection chart is reloading the data every time onSelectEnd changes this.state.min and this.state.max.

Here is the example: 

As you can see, this makes for a clunky UI.


If this isn't a bug, do you have suggestions on how to fix this?



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Created by: James
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Type: Bug Report

The className prop on the ChipList component is ignored in version 3.18.0. A simple addition of class strings does not appear in the compiled product, e.g.

  return (
      className='flex-layout --wrap --end'
      chip={props => (
        <Chip removable removeIcon='k-i-close' {...props} />


I've looked through the transpiled source in node_modules, and it seems the className property passed to the React.createElement() function totally ignores the prop class names.

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Created by: Ali
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Type: Bug Report

i am using KendoReact Drawdom version 1.5.12

I have some input elements for uploading images, and showing the a preview of uploaded image.

I want to export a PDF version of the form, but drawDom.cloneNodes() throws an exception when handling input elements of type file. that is because these type of input elements can not have value attribute.


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When the NumericTextBox is set to "c0" format and has a value of 0 ($0), it doesn't capture the first digit entered.


Reproduction Steps:

  1. Set the field value to 0 ($0)
  2. Hit "Tab" to blur the field
  3. Hit "Shift-Tab" to focus the field (field contents will be highlighted)
  4. Enter "123"
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4



Chrome -- Version 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Expected Behavior:

  • After step 4, field shows "$123"
  • After step 5, field shows "$123"


Observed Behavior:

  • After step 4, the field shows "$230"
  • After step 5, the field (correctly) shows "$123"



  • This bug seems to occur when the field has a value of 0 ($0) before gaining focus
  • This doesn't occur when the specified format is "c2" or "n0"


Code Snippet:

<NumericTextBox format="c0" />

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When typing into a React autocomplete with the "suggest" prop, the component does not always display the suggestion in the dropdown. It appears that in Chrome, only the very top of the suggestion is visible in the dropdown, while in Edge, it isn't at all.


Reproduction Steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Type "d" into the AutoComplete in Uncontrolled Mode example



  • Chrome -- Version 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Edge -- Version 89.0.774.68 (Official build) (64-bit)


Expected Behavior:

  • The suggestion is fully visible in the dropdown


Observed Behavior:

  • The suggestion is either not visible, or only partially visible





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Created by: Michel
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Type: Bug Report


I'm using the NumericTextBox to receive a value stored in a state, it has a percent "p3" format so it display numbers like this "0,000 %". When the state change, the value displayed in the NumericTextBox loses its format. If I click in the field and press space or any other key, the format comes back. The expected result was the NumericTextBox always keeping the format, what can be done in this situation?

NumericTextBox code

This is the textbox when I change the value direct in the field, it works fine

The state is shared between 2 NumericTextBox. if I change the value in the other textbox, it loses the format in this textbox

If I go in this textbox and just hit space, the format comes back

What can be done to keep the textbox format?


Thank you

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The SCSS files from the kendo-theme-material contain !important rule, that makes it difficult to override the styles in the consuming application.

We have a requirement to customize the DatePicker Kendo React component so that it has a border around all 4 sizes, as by default the theme has the border only on the bottom.

We have applied a new custom style to k-picker-wrap  and added the 
border-top-color$datetime-border !important;


.k-picker-wrap-sphera {
        border-top-color$datetime-border !important;


But due to the !import rule in the file 

@progress\kendo-theme-material\scss\datetime\_layout.scss, line 15

the custom style that we applied in the consuming application does not get applied.


Please find screenshots with the details of the problem.

The screenshots indicate that the custom style for the border-top-color did not get overriden, and the box is missing the top border.

Kindly advise approach that we can use to customize the CSS styles that has !important CSS rule, so that we can override the styles defined in the material theme.

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  1. Configure a Kendo React Grid with paging on a react-bootstrap tab that is hidden on initial load
  2. Navigate to the tab - the Grid is rendered with truncated paging controls and no item count
  3. Resize the screen in any way - the full paging controls and item count are restored

Is there a workaround for this issue?

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The scheduler component does not work in Internet Explorer. We need to support IE 11 for our costumers. On the Kendo React example page I get an error that the  'object does not support property or method 'entries'.  In the code we're developing the error is similar, but refers to 'forEach' instead of entries. 
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Created by: Michael
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Type: Bug Report

On your Grid Demos:   When ever you try to edit a text cell the cursor always goes to the end of the text box


For example, go to your demo:


- Edit the first row.  Try to type something before "Chai" - the cursor will jump to the end of the textbox

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