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We are evaluating the React Grid component for our application and need to be able to have rows that span all columns.  To do this, I have created a rowRender function that, for some rows, will render a single <td> element with the colspan set to 100%.  The row renders fine, but the other rows, that have multiple <td> elements do not all render correctly.  For my test application, they will render with a width of 8 pxs.  On resize of a column, they will almost render correctly.

Here are some pictures of the issue in our test code.

I have created a sandbox that sort of reproduces the bug.

If you select the "Show Full Row", the row with Id 999 will convert to a single <td> element with colspan='100%'.  You will notice how after doing so, the last three columns collapse to a small number of pixels.




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If you create a react grid without any GridColumn components and then add those components later, the added columns do not show and the grid is empty.  It appears, after a quick look that the columns have a width of 0 pixels.  They exist in the html, just not displayed.


See as an example of the problem.  This example starts with a populated grid.  You can add columns and data using the buttons above the grid.  This works fine.  If you then "Reset" the grid with the button, which removes all data, any attempt to add columns and data will show a blank grid.