Last Updated: 23 Sep 2022 20:50 by Nick
Created on: 11 Jan 2022 11:07
Type: Feature Request
Add support for Mac OS

We're developing .net 5/core services, using Rider IDE and MacOS.


1. Add support to run JustMock under MacOS (profiler need to be supported, enabled issue, etc.), or if already supported, please provide instructions of how to activate it per test, for example using NUnit.

2. Add integration with Rider so all the process will be much easier.


Posted on: 23 Sep 2022 20:50

Having made the swap to developing on Mac, now have to convert my tests to Moq instead, would much prefer to use JustMock.


Posted on: 18 Jan 2022 09:40

Hello Tomer,

I am afraid that we still do not support Mac OS. Regarding Rider, JustMock does not have an extension for it but you can still use it through environment variables. It is a good idea that we add a documentation article about it. I will leave this item for Mac OS support and log another for documentation article on Rider integration.

Here is information on how you can JustMock in Rider:

To run JustMock in Rider you should specify a handful of environment variables for the Test Runner. Here are the variables and their values:

  • name: JUSTMOCK_INSTANCE, value: 1
  • name: COR_ENABLE_PROFILING, value: 1
  • name: COR_PROFILER, value: {B7ABE522-A68F-44F2-925B-81E7488E9EC0}
  • name: COR_PROFILER_PATH_32, value: <JustMock Install Root>\Progress\Telerik JustMock\Libraries\CodeWeaver\32\Telerik.CodeWeaver.Profiler.dll
  • name: COR_PROFILER_PATH_64, value: <JustMock Install Root>\Progress\Telerik JustMock\Libraries\CodeWeaver\64\Telerik.CodeWeaver.Profiler.dll

Here is a screenshot of how this should look like:

Please have in mind that JetBrains have logged an issue related to environment variables, link. If that bug is not fixed please use runsettings to set the variables. Here are how those runsettings should look like:





		<!-- .NET Framework -->
        <COR_PROFILER_PATH_32>C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik JustMock\Libraries\CodeWeaver\32\Telerik.CodeWeaver.Profiler.dll</COR_PROFILER_PATH_32>
        <COR_PROFILER_PATH_64>C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik JustMock\Libraries\CodeWeaver\64\Telerik.CodeWeaver.Profiler.dll</COR_PROFILER_PATH_64>

		<!-- .NET Framework -->
        <CORECLR_PROFILER_PATH_32>C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik JustMock\Libraries\CodeWeaver\32\Telerik.CodeWeaver.Profiler.dll</CORECLR_PROFILER_PATH_32>
        <CORECLR_PROFILER_PATH_64>C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik JustMock\Libraries\CodeWeaver\64\Telerik.CodeWeaver.Profiler.dll</CORECLR_PROFILER_PATH_64>


I hope this information is helpful.

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