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Created on: 21 Dec 2020 20:09
Type: Feature Request
justmock kubernetes
I am in the process of building an internal developer platform on kubernetes. Historically, in order to run justmock on build servers we pointed to a special location of the windows registry for accessing the DLL. In kubernetes, the build runners are kubernetes nodes. Is there a preferred way to run these tests in this environment? I can provide more details if it is helpful or valuable. Historically, we used Azure Devops build agents in this new world dotnet test is being run in Linux gitlab agents and not windows. I would have chosen linux in the dropdown but wasn't available.
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Posted on: 22 Dec 2020 10:33

Hello Alan,

Thank you for providing this valuable feedback. We made some experiments with Docker and elevated tests could be containerized. However, there is one big limitation - JustMock supports elevated mode only on Windows. The main reason is CLR profiler, which is a native component. There is a plan for supporting other platforms (please take a look at this item in our Feedback portal), but I am unable to give you a timeframe when this will happen. Once we port JustMock advanced features on a platform different than Windows, we will continue investments in containerization.

I hope the topic is much clear now. You are welcome for any further questions and comments.

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