Last Updated: 10 Sep 2020 15:10 by ADMIN
Created on: 10 Sep 2020 14:43
Type: Bug Report
JustMock tests are failing in Azure Pipelines when "Test platform version" option is set to "Installed by Tools Installer" and code coverage is enabled

Attempt to use JustMock VSTest v.2 task to run the elevated mode tests with coverage when the "Test platform version" option is set to value "Installed by Tools Installer" fails with error:

Telerik.JustMock.Core.ElevatedMockingException: Cannot mock '<target type goes here>'. The profiler must be enabled to mock, arrange or execute the specified target.
Detected active third-party profilers:
* {9317ae81-bcd8-47b7-aaa1-a28062e41c71} (from process environment)
Disable the profilers or link them from the JustMock configuration utility. Restart the test runner and, if necessary, Visual Studio after linking.