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Fiddler classic uninstall after epic app & valorant online game not working some error as to come valorant error code : val 29

Epic error code : 404

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I'm using Fiddler [Oct-03-19] v5.0.20194.41348 on Windows 7 Enterprise. There's no way to disable the 'Get Started' panel on startup. 'Show on startup' is not checked but it still shows. Also it doesn't look very good. Also it downloads javascript and other stuff via http unencrypted from, and I'd like to stop that.


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I want to capture traffic from a Chrome Incognito window only.

When I click the 'pick target' button on the toolbar and point it at the Chrome window it picks up some particular process from chrome, but that does not seem to be the one from where network requests are sent from.

Looking at Chrome's Task Manager and comparing with what Fiddler shows, Fiddler is picking up the "Browser" process, while requests are coming from the "Utility: Network Service" process, thus the difference.

An acceptable solution for this would be if we could enter the process ID manually in the UI, instead of using the target picker.




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Hello Sir , 

            I've discovered the security bug which is Bypassing UAC in Fiddler Software . any reward or acknowledgement in bug report program ? 


Sai Wynn Myat. (@404death)

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As subject means,oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] does not work with https sessions.Ive searched google and docs of fiddler.none of them can solve this,and i've tried such as oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] = "https=",but it just causes errors.By setting oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] = "",all http session works fine,but https session will just bypass this setting and go through can i deal with it?thx for your reply.
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Hello sir, 

         I've discovered the security bug with is privilege escalation bug via DLL sideloading.

please check it for more details: