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if you reboot your computer on Windows 10 with fiddler open, then it kills your network connection. One the computer boots up again, you have to reopen fiddler.
Won't Fix
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1. 在代码里Fiddler有什么方法可以把发送的请求信息记录到Composer History列表?(重点

2. 点击Excute按钮,是怎么把请求记录下来的?记录的请求保存在什么位置?


Won't Fix
Last Updated: 08 Oct 2020 17:09 by Jason

Please consider refraining from (or at least making optional) the sorting of the JSON property keys when using the JSON tree viewer.  For code which sends out complex payloads, having the properties reordered makes it hard to compare the tree to the actual payload sent.  For example, we send startXXX and endXXX properties at the end of our payload, and when Fiddler moves "endXXX" to the top of the tree, debugging becomes a pain.  Please allow the payload to be tree-visualized as constructed.