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Created on: 10 Jun 2019 10:52
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Improve composer

Fiddler is great but the composer tab really needs some love. For example, it could do with text manipulation features from other applications - double click selects a chunk of text, but it doesn't appear to be aware of common symbols like : ? # " ' ; etc, instead it highlights up to the next space. If i were to do this in vs code or notepad++ it would be more intelligent about delimiters and highlight the portion before the : or inside the " ".


Pressing tab inside the editors moves to the next editor - this seems counter intuitive in this context as you'd expect the editor to insert a tab rather than move you to another field.


I've been using fiddler for years and this has always bugged me. I normally edit the request in another application and paste it in, but it'd be great if i could do some basic editing in fiddler itself. It shouldn't be full ide-mode, but a little bit of help would be appreciated.

Simple things that would make this much better:

  • Add a little syntax highlighting/validation (invalid json for example)
  • Autocomplete for known headers
  • Have the url box be expandable, so you can actually edit long requests
  • Intelligent selection based on delimiters or context



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Eric R | Senior Technical Support Engineer
Posted on: 17 Jun 2019 08:03
Hi Tom, 

Great feedback! I have voted on your request to increase the priority of this feature. 

The Improve Composer feedback request is public. Make sure to follow the item and you will receive email notifications about future status changes.

Additionally, I noticed another request for Enhancing the Composer that you could consider following as well. The response is from the original developer of Fiddler and provides some great insight into the feasibility.

Your feedback is very valuable and greatly appreciated. Thank you for using Fiddler.


Eric R
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