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Currently, the ImageView Inspector is only available for responses.

Why not enable it for requests?
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Just installed on Windows 10 Version 1909 OS 18363.836.  Hangs whenever I try to do Step 1 of the docs, set decryption.  Debugged in VS 2019, access violation trying to read 0x00000, NullException.  Finally, shutdown all of my work and restarted machine.  Error cleared and this time asked me to accept the new Cert.  

What a terrible first time experience.  Issue resolved.

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Like the JSON and XML tabs, there should be a Protobuf tab that offers to decode protobuf requests and responses.
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Using iOS 13.4.1

Using Catalina 10.15.4

Using Fiddler for Mac

I have followed this https://www.telerik.com/blogs/how-to-capture-ios-traffic-with-fiddler blog post for configuration. 

But when I try to go to the http://ip4v.fiddler:8888 I get the below error

[Fiddler] DNS Lookup for "ip4v.fiddler" failed. System.Net.SocketExceptionFactory+ExtendedSocketException Device not configured


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Currently Statistics show the time of request:

ClientConnected: 15:33:43.395
ClientBeginRequest: 15:33:43.725
GotRequestHeaders: 15:33:43.725
ClientDoneRequest: 15:33:43.725


It would be useful to know the date of the request as well for projects that span several days.


Thank you.

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I've been a Fiddler user for longer than I can recall. Recently, whilst setting up a new PC I took the opportunity to try out Fiddler Everywhere. Unfortunately after about 30seconds I had to go back and download the original Fiddler.

Here's just a couple of the things that were show stoppers for me:

- No history for composer - this was a useful addition made to Fiddler that I now can't live without

- No way to copy a request from Inspectors view to Composer

- Switching between Inspector and Composer view resets the Composer screen

- Not able to have Inspector and Composer visible at the same time - this isn't really possible in Fiddler at the moment but it feels like it's easier to switch between inspecting requests and composing requests in Fiddler.

- Enabling Https debugging doesn't trust the certificate

It would be great to have Inspector and Composer either in tabs that can be ripped off into separate windows. Ideally it would be great to have multiple Composer windows


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May I suggest to publish an interface assembly with Fiddler, containing only the interfaces of all the Fiddler public types?

This way, IntelliSense could be used, both, with ScriptEditor and with any of the Visual Studio products.

That would require Telerik to derive their public classes, like Session, from an interface, like ISession. That interface would need to be stored in a separate assembly that would be published then along with Fiddler.
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The Spacebar keyboard shortcut only works if you're still focused inside of the session list. If you've clicked anywhere outside of the session list pane, pressing spacebar won't get passed to the session list.

For example, if you've clicked into the inspectors pane, spacebar will get sent to that pane, not the session list. To get back into the session pane (where spacebar would work), you have to either click back inside the session pane, which would change the session selection you were on, or employ some roundabout shift-tab trickery, like clicking the furthest left tab closest to the session list, then shift-tabbing a handful of times to get back into the session list. But this is pretty kludgy.

It'd be great if there was either a keyboard shortcut to switch focus back into the session list, or at least a tabbing shortcut multiplier which switches between panes, e.g., if Ctrl-Tab switches tabs, Ctrl-Alt-Tab switches between panes -- though this particular combo wouldn't work, as it's already claimed by Windows OS.
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Sometimes,I need to know response json node's count,but I can only paste it into the json editor to see the quantity.

Please check the pictures in the attachment.
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Today, Fiddler's AutoResponder only automatically replies to a HTTPS CONNECT with a HTTP/200 OK if the capture contains such a response, or if the "Unmatched requests passthrough" box is unchecked. Otherwise, the CONNECT request will pass or fail based on whether the real server is reachable.

This is confusing, and almost never what the user really wants to have happen.

We should add a new checkbox to the AutoResponder titled "Accept all CONNECTs" that when checked, sets a hidden rule equivalent to this rule which can be created manually


Otherwise, users will be sad when AutoResponder doesn't do what they hope, and they'll wonder why they are getting ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED error messages in their browser when they have AutoResponder rules for HTTPS requests that they expect to fire.


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Date of update appears as 04/21/2019, should be 04/21/2020:

5.0.20202.18177 [04/21/2019]
 "Accept all CONNECTs" option in AutoResponder
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Set Examine to "Headers Only"

OBSERVE: "Search binaries" and "Decode First" checkboxes are correctly disabled.

Perform a search


OBSERVE: BUG: When the dialog reopens, the "Search Binaries" checkbox is not disabled.


The bug is in the initialization of the dialog. The selected entries in the comboboxes for "Examine" and "Search In" are set in that order, but the code in the SelectedIndexChanged event handlers is not independent. The SearchIn combobox's change handler sets the state of SearchBinaries checkbox without considering the state of the Examine combobox.

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I couild highlight a row in the captured data and hit the context menu for Copy | Session and it would copy the data and present it in this type of format when pasted into notepad:


PUT https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/service/core/v3/AssetPartitions/-1/DiscoveryJobs/29 HTTP/1.1

Accept-Language: en-US; q=1.0, en; q=0.9
X-SignalR-Id: f83b9717-2553-438f-b76c-4c3e70159a39
Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjQyRjIzMDlCQzZGMkNFQzNBQzc1MTA3RUQyRTFCREE4NzEwQUI5MUIiLCJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJ4NXQiOiJRdkl3bThieXpzT3NkUkItMHVHOXFIRUt1UnMifQ.eyJBY3R1YWxVc2VySWQiOiIxIiwiQXV0aFRva2VuSWQiOiI2OTdlZDkzOC05YTY1LTQyZDctODI2MS04MGRiYzhkYTE1OWQiLCJyc3RzOnN0czpjbGFpbXM6dXNlcjp1c2VySWQiOiIxIiwidXBuIjoiU3VwZXIiLCJhdXRobWV0aG9kIjoibG9jYWw6cHdkIiwibmFtZWlkIjoiU3VwZXIiLCJuYmYiOjE1ODc0OTI1MzMsImV4cCI6MTU4NzU3ODkzMywiaWF0IjoxNTg3NDkyNTMzLCJpc3MiOiJ1cm46dG9rZW5hdXRoZW50aWNhdGlvbnByb3ZpZGVyOlNBRkVHVUFSRF9BUFBMSUFOQ0UifQ.Leqmwi7cbogsB_XYv9DpJ2SCgCtkl7WsY8Y6pXjfHVSm1P9-82ayeNK_J9rmQUdqZrWjmCeK4DxiyifKAzpgCJm5y0XgUX02jJ5RiD_i8EWOT6ywyxgRRKLefm36jHsWVavLpidJMo4QyOEUGX1OHw0-Cgv2kJyESwkNYLgVQB34WEGMSe2Sh1kVkQrVl-WwcmlckL7yw5rPaofje5lEXrbGMHbNTfBAuei08DVf49DBjV7FGZWRMpvB3mIpWqAZylTXu2DNcfol2ZuVYG1PmTY7pENZGzO98gT7c08Q6wqbZF1846F47oZ2wZXrcYRHkNO8nJ6N7JUN8koGMQ2P6g

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: no-store, must-revalidate, no-cache
Content-Length: 1872
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Language: en-US
Vary: Origin
X-Frame-Options: DENY
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains
X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block
Content-Security-Policy: object-src 'none'; img-src 'self' data:; font-src 'self'
Referrer-Policy: same-origin
X-Cluster-Role: primary
X-TokenLifetimeRemaining: 1433
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 18:16:29 GMT

[{"DiscoveredDate":"2020-04-21T17:20:10.228Z","AccountName":"BobAdmin","AccountDomainName":null,"AccountId":10,"AssetName":"PAM-QA-WIN2019","AssetId":23,"AssetPartitionId":1,"AssetPartitionName":"Import","SshKeyProfileId":1,"SshKeyProfileName":"Import SSH Key Profile","SshKeyDiscoveryScheduleId":15,"SshKeyDiscoveryScheduleName":"Import SSH Key Discovery","PublicKey":"AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCjJh0+dkm7SMIzhCVPaZTxu0pQA9uhScH26GSxDb5ddoYigi9dlq45/4zal230Nk4o3IQmbP7hLikKTCr2Y3GRUZJEJ8IdQe9zXtGnm+N2iczbmg9kGPcb6j3pMcfxrjZlcOFOXgRaz1tnJXdaSLuM4kI45+sJjtdJ9e/nDdX1HgWVyo0U3CO7q/k/srI1+KaetKW58iCIK6zZnoW8jUhmyXdxA/UkkOwUCdK7kQwOn6kBV7pRgErS1nWmd4RZ7UNi0iSpZdrg6yL7mngLfzS7ee4iZ2Hp3WUY8s1aYhPkDJcJl6uEbxy2NpwLvbUgCWcbJCUPRQUKAdheR7uJuTfF","Comment":"bross@prod@Q3LJ2RQ2","Fingerprint":"4D7280929A77CAD8C0EF03099AF90F4F","KeyType":"Rsa","Options":null,"KeyLength":2048,"AccountStatus":"Managed","IsIgnored":false,"IsManaged":true},{"DiscoveredDate":"2020-04-21T17:20:09.686Z","AccountName":"BobAdmin","AccountDomainName":null,"AccountId":10,"AssetName":"PAM-QA-WIN2019","AssetId":23,"AssetPartitionId":1,"AssetPartitionName":"Import","SshKeyProfileId":1,"SshKeyProfileName":"Import SSH Key Profile","SshKeyDiscoveryScheduleId":15,"SshKeyDiscoveryScheduleName":"Import SSH Key Discovery","PublicKey":"AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDP1WLHVC8mq6ICGre8OUPi5FQMYxomTGlSgnVqIvIUHLNI8PPH0xpkOpfhlZASzu7WtHWX37LDvEcUqW0gYb0eYww56IeERHui5yuJ7ocJnXETO33W+n0pnYjZuyqxEjSa8P14O6smg5z6bxm+/StItb8GyL1kBdQdoVeVMfWUSUO/2qyvmK22QOS8df2Gl+MWcBvsoU6rrtTq5N9FlS05zFsQJGUt/MrV3qHhKUqviFEZ1sl5ziisRknWInCb+YTkq7a5HFSbSAjxHZDjwPJ92gTWs+W/n6GsSY9Xjnjx+rFfpD1bSD4JnjwJ2QUsbTLPutJ0CpLFdOUJbgzsQY1N","Comment":"Safeguard_Windows_SSH","Fingerprint":"850585DBE61DE4F2D638EC3DE66CCE83","KeyType":"Rsa","Options":null,"KeyLength":2048,"AccountStatus":"Managed","IsIgnored":false,"IsManaged":false}]


Now all I get is the URL...

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Created by: TelerikHDMI
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I would be nice if Fiddler could decrypt zstandard compressed requests.

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Created by: Aleksandr
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Type: Feature Request
Autoresponder is a great feature, but it works only with response.
I and my coleagues have a many cases when need to replace request headers, params or body

breakpoints isn't good, coze sometimes application dont wait and drops connection to requests

mobile request is post only with curent time in body, but i need to post this request with past time.
Backend is accept body with past requests
I dont have access to DB to change time, and no requests to change time. Also app is works only with current request (i can't use composer to create another request)
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Created by: Carlos
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Type: Feature Request
Since most browser's and mobile apps are starting to use HTTP3 it would be nice if Fiddler could also support this.
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Last Updated: 11 Mar 2020 01:38 by Tim

I have Xiaomi Redmi 3 phone. I cant install FiddlerRoot.cer. When i try to install error appear. Device can't read file. But device recognize extension of file.
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Last Updated: 09 Mar 2020 05:43 by Ray
I'm using Fiddler v4.6.20173.38786 (Built: Friday, September 15, 2017). When I click on the Customize Rules menu entry there is a message box that says "Unable to load Fiddler for code-completion support". After I click OK to that the Fiddler script editor will open normally.
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