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Release 2.17.0
Created by: Vic
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Category: Scheduler
Type: Bug Report
When the view modes options (Month, day, week, etc...) is collapsed and the arrow is clicked, the drop menu shows behind the main scheduler window.
Last Updated: 24 Apr 2020 16:57 by Rob

<TelerikScheduler AllowCreate="@Editing" AllowDelete="@Editing" AllowUpdate="@Editing" OnDelete="@AppointmentDelete" OnEdit="@AppointmentEdit" OnUpdate="AppointmentUpdate"  Data=…

The above line breaks only with AllowUpdate.

I default Editing false, then toggle it true in the hosting component and do a InvokeAsync(StateHasChanged). 

The result is I can create and delete, but while the appointment hover cursor changes to the hand or arrows and I can see the handlebars to resize the appointment, I'm not able to update the appointment until I switch the SchedulerView. After switching SchedulerView updating works as expected.