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Release 2.18.0
Created by: Ben Hayat
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Hello Team;
This is a question;

I was just looking Blazor Docs and noticed they have several Input Tags that cover most cases. I then check Telerik list that I don't see the following in Telerik offering:

I also checked the roadmap for next year and didn't see them either.

My question is, are plans to cover these any time soon? If yes, what's the approximate time-frame?

Secondly, for the time being, should we use the ones that come with Blazor?

Lastly, is there plan to have a mini editor like TinyMCE that we can let user to enter rich text stored in DB?

Thanks in advance!



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Created by: Christian
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I try to make sure that the user don't need to click the TextBox to gain focus and begin typing.

I have only one TextBox on the page, and it's does not atomatically have focus, - nor can I find a property on the component.

Any ideas :-)




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I kind of expect to be able to do something like this:

<TelerikTextBox @bind-Value="@CurrentComment" Label="Comment" Wrap="true" Multiline="true" Resizable="true" Height="200px" Width="100%"></TelerikTextBox>

@code {
    string CurrentComment { get; set; };
This will allow the user to have a text area that allows multiple lines, wraps text, and they can resize it if they need more space. I don't see how we can do this with the current textbox.
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Created by: Rob
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Add the ability to define the placeholder attribute on the TextBox control. 
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Created by: Denis
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It would be great if the TelerikTextBox supported the Type parameter for the input element. I need to add a clear button to the input field. Since the TelerikTextBox does not support this feature, I want to use the browser's capabilities - set type = "search". But component does not support this type attribute.