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Release R2.2023-Increment.3(7.June.2023)
We are looking for a configuration in DateTimePicker to set a time range (e.g. 8AM till 10PM) which gets applied to every date.
In ASP.NET AJAXs RadDateTimePicker it was possible by setting StartTime and EndTime in TimeView.
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Expose a "week" navigation depth option for selecting days of the week.
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Currently, the new feature .ComponentType('modern') does NOT respect the .Interval(n) setting for the control.

Demo of ComponentType setting on DateTimePicker control


According to the API Reference the Interval setting, Interval

"Specifies the interval, between values in the popup list, in minutes." 


The ComponentType('classic') does respect the Interval setting.  Thus, the ComponentType feature should be updated to respect the Interval setting when the "modern" ComponentType is selected.  The time interval under modern is always 1 minute (see screenshot).

                            .Events(e => { e.Change("onSessionEndChange"); })
                            .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "width: 100%", title = "Session End Date/Time", @class = "form-control" })


Modern should respect the Interval setting for the control.

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It would be very useful if the TimePicker component would have a feature called something like "AutoFocusTime()". By default, when there is no value inside the TimePicker, the default focused time is "12:00 am", therefore the user has to scroll up all the way to the required time. With the feature above, it would be possible to enter a time which should be focused by default. For example "8:00 am" which is when most businesses start operating.

Now the question is, why not just putting in a default value. Well, in a form with lots of inputs, the user may not know anymore which values he entered and which inputs have a default value set and therefore submitting wrong data. If a input doesn't have a default value this mistake can be caught by setting a [Required] attribute. Threfore, the user has to enter a value and it will be guaranteed that all values where entered by him and it wasn't a default value which has been set.

See ticket id 1412837.

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I'd like to request the functionality to be able to type through to each section of the Kendo UI DatePicker instead of pressing the left and right arrows automatically.